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It was such a joy to once again attend PestWorld in beautiful San Diego, California, this year. PestWorld brings together some of the most talented voices in pest control. I love the opportunity to learn from them, and to validate the exceptional changes that WorkWave is making to its products, enhancing its amazing contribution to the industry.

While the stories shared certainly encompass much more than a single blog post, it’s interesting to see where priorities have shifted and, in turn, how business is changing for the most forward-looking pest control companies. Here are just a few of my observations and thoughts from this year’s event.

Sophisticated Marketing Is Now the Norm

Long gone are the days of ads in the yellow pages and spraying direct mailers across a huge, apathetic market. Organizations are embracing the importance of customer relationship and marketing capabilities. They’re using them to build more business, and to increase the value of each customer. This is a function of understanding what it takes to drive in new customers, but also, more critically, being proactive about repeat or recurring business, which PestPac is great at driving.

Let’s say, for example, that you assisted a customer with an insect problem last spring, but in doing so, you noticed evidence that mice may be present during the winter months. Do you have a trigger in place to be proactive about outreach for that customer when the time is right? Not only does this drive more business, but it’s an important tool for relationship building as well. It shows that not only do you know about your business, you know about your customers, keeping them healthy and safe. The right marketing automation tool takes the guesswork out, automates that task, and allows your technicians to focus their energy on serving those customers and getting the job done right.

Data Is a Differentiator

Data in pest control? Yes! With organizations taking in more data than just what they collect from service visits themselves, the day is here. Companies are doing truly amazing things with utilizing customer insights, as well as connected sensors in traps and tools, giving leading organizations the most complete picture possible when it comes to both B2B and B2C pest control.

The utilization of this data is varied, but it all boils down to the same basic conclusion: thoughtful data management means happier customers. Think about it this way: with a better picture on utilization of traps, organizations can recommend options that could save themselves and customers money in the long-run. Furthermore, sharing performance dashboards and real-time analytics with customers could be what sells those customers, especially businesses, on your services.

Strong data governance requires good data to begin with, of course. This means being thoughtful about the types of data collected, where it originates from, and any areas where connectivity from the right software and hardware can make you more effective in collecting that data. From there, you need the right tools to use and automate that data.

PestPac Select – Arming Residential and Light Commercial Smaller Businesses With Powerful, Easy-to-Use Tools

Recognizing the key role that data plays for today’s pest control businesses, we were committed to bringing smaller businesses a powerful, yet easy-to use tool that will help them reach their full business potential. We were excited to formally unveil PestPac Select at this year’s PestWorld, a solution tailored to bring small, residential and light commercial pest control businesses the insights they need to stay competitive, as well as save time and money. Built around the expertise that comes with our industry-leading PestPac solution, PestPac Select has intuitive and insightful dashboards, making it easy for small businesses to take in the information they rely on, while working more efficiently.

These are just a few of the topics that people were really excited about at PestWorld, and I continue to be so proud of WorkWave’s ability to meet these new opportunities and be an engine to help transform the pest control industry.


Marne Martin currently is the President of IFS Service Management, bringing over 20 years of experience growing domestic and international companies.