Kane Brewing – A WorkWave Route Manager Success Story!

With the functionality of Route Manager 360, Kane Brewing Company has been able to eliminate wasted time in their daily routine to create more effective processes that save their fleet time and allow them to generate more revenue with the same resources. By integrating Route Manager 360 into their processes, the brewery has freed up 45 minutes to an hour of time in the office each day, along with 3.5 hours per driver per day.

“Route Manager helps us prepare for these busier periods by allowing us to more evenly distribute stops for drivers during working hours. The software also helps a lot through the holidays when we have to do more stops in fewer days.”, says Derek Fleming, Kane Brewing Company’s Director of Sales & Distribution. As Fleming puts it, “Time is money, and I’m saving lots of time.” Learn more about how WorkWave Route Manager helped transform this New Jersey-based brewery.

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