In the world of logistics management, collaboration is essential for success. RouteManager understands the diverse needs of its customers who work with multiple clients and companies. To address the challenge of providing selective access to order information, RouteManager is proud to introduce its innovative Filtered Guest feature.

Understanding the Need

Many RouteManager customers serve various clients and companies, each with unique order requirements. While it’s crucial to grant access to support personnel, maintaining data privacy and relevance is equally important.

A Tailored Solution: Filtered Guest

Filtered Guest revolutionizes how RouteManager users manage access to order information. With Filtered Guest, administrators gain precise control over which orders the Guest role can view. This is facilitated by a new parameter called “Company,” enabling the filtering of orders based on company affiliation.

While Filtered Guest is not considered a customer portal, it does give RouteManager customers the ability to offer more transparency to those who deliver orders from various companies. When their end customers have questions about their orders, the administrator will now be able to get answers to basic questions using this feature.

Seamless Implementation

Company Management: Administrators can effortlessly create and manage Companies within RouteManager, reflecting the diverse client and company landscape.

Order Assignment: Companies are assigned to orders seamlessly through various methods, and the addition of the “Company” field simplifies this process.

Configuring Filtered Guest: Once Companies are established, administrators configure the Guest role to become “filtered.” This involves selecting one or more Companies that the Guest can access.

Access Control: Administrators have the option to restrict company access for the Guest role, ensuring that only relevant orders are visible to them.

Enhanced Access: Filtered Guest users can now log into RouteManager and access orders assigned to the designated Companies, promoting focused and efficient collaboration.

What Are the Benefits?

The introduction of Filtered Guest brings a multitude of advantages:

Efficiency: By providing tailored access to specific orders, businesses can streamline support workflows, saving time and resources.

Transparency: Clients gain immediate access to order statuses relevant to their company, fostering transparency and trust in the partnership.

Direct Communication: With pertinent order information readily accessible, communication between stakeholders becomes more efficient, reducing reliance on intermediaries.

Catering to Diverse Needs: Filtered Guest caters to a wide array of industries and user personas, including food and furniture courier services, office staff, planners and end customers awaiting deliveries.

More Specific: Filtered Guest for Courier & Distribution Businesses 

Filtered Guest offers tailored solutions that cater specifically to the needs of courier and distribution companies, revolutionizing their logistics management processes. For courier companies handling a variety of goods, from perishable frozen meals to bulky furniture, efficiency is crucial. 

Filtered Guest enables these companies to streamline their support workflows by providing access to relevant order information only. With the ability to customize access based on company affiliation, support personnel can focus solely on orders pertinent to their assigned companies, minimizing distractions and maximizing productivity.

Transparency is key to building trust with clients. Whether it’s tracking the delivery of frozen meals, monitoring the status of furniture orders or delivering auto parts to several locations, clients can rest assured knowing they have real-time visibility into the progress of their shipments. 

In Conclusion

RouteManager’s Filtered Guest feature marks a significant step forward in collaborative logistics management. By empowering businesses to customize data access and enhance communication, RouteManager continues to drive efficiency and transparency in the industry.

Experience the power of seamless collaboration and unlock efficient order management today with RouteManager’s Filtered Guest feature.

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