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The secret is out, businesses that utilize route planning software experience dramatic increases in ROI and customer satisfaction. Now’s the time to stop letting the competition pass you by and to start getting serious about preparing your operations’ for 2018. Choosing a tool that combines the power of route planning and GPS tracking is the smart choice for maximum efficiency, productivity, and results.

We’re excited to introduce our 2018 Buyer’s Guide to Route Planning Software to help you with your search. This robust guide is filled with valuable information and fully explains the impact route planning software can have on your business. The guide will also help you navigate through the buying process, from choosing the right tool to properly preparing for vendor calls.

By the time you finish the 2018 Buyer’s Guide to Route Planning Software you’ll know:

    1. What is Route Planning Software?

You’ve heard a lot about routing software and how it can change your business, but what exactly is it? Our in-depth Route Planning Software 101 chapter provides a look at the benefits of routing software as well as an explanation of features you’ll find in most routing tools.

    1. How to Determine if Routing Software Is Right For You

Not sure where to begin? The Buyer’s Guide explains how your team can review current route planning processes to identify pain-points and inefficiencies. Included is a checklist full of important questions you need to ask your team. Once you’re armed with a list of requirements and a budget, it’s time to begin your search.

    1. How to Choose the Right Vendor

Between sales calls and product demos with multiple vendors, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and determine what you really need. The Buyer’s Guide prepares you for the buying process by providing a checklist of questions you should be asking every vendor. Routing software is a big investment, make sure you choose the right vendor to support you every step of the way.

From growing profits, to increasing customer satisfaction, route planning software can help you meet and exceed your goals in 2018 and beyond. Click below to download the 2018 Buyer’s Guide to Route Planning Software now!