Last mile delivery books are a hot item on the market due to the increasing advancements in fast shipping programs over the last several years. Last mile books are an excellent way to develop an insider’s knowledge on how the importance of last mile delivery has skyrocketed and how to implement an efficient system in your own business. 

In the age of two-day shipping and same-day delivery, a company’s last mile delivery process is a crucial component to success. So, what exactly is last mile delivery?

Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery is the final step of the delivery process where a package is taken from its transportation facility to its final destination. This period is a crucial step in ensuring customer satisfaction. Consumers expect deliveries to be carried out as quickly as possible, making last-mile delivery a high-priority investment for businesses. While this investment can be pricey, providing quick last-mile delivery will help keep consumers happy and boost the rate of returning customers. 

Unsure on how to implement the most efficient last mile delivery service? Don’t worry. A lot of new businesses start out lacking some level of shipping knowledge. The best way to understand the importance and implementation of last-mile delivery is by picking up an informative book on the topic. Below is a list of the top last-mile books currently on the market. 

Top Last-Mile Delivery Books 

When choosing last mile books, there are a few concepts you will want to keep in mind. It is good to ask yourself what it is you want out of the book. Are you looking for information on policies and logistics, or will insider real-life experiences and case studies fit your needs? Once you know what information you are looking for, you can use the list below to find the best last-mile delivery books for you.

Delivery In The Age Of Amazon

It is no secret that Amazon is a significant contributor to the uptick in the value of last-mile delivery. In Delivery In The Age Of Amazon, author Lior Sion discusses ways companies can pivot to bridge the physical and virtual operations gap. 

Sion reveals the critical details of last-mile delivery and how to best approach the system. The book provides real-life examples for various industries and case studies illustrating core concepts of the author’s approaches to last-mile delivery. As an entrepreneur himself, Sion relays essential information to fellow entrepreneurs to reach success in the world of online shopping.

Retail’s Last Mile: Why Online Shopping Will Exceed Our Wildest Predictions

Present-day consumer patterns and their effects on the future of online shopping are addressed in Retail’s Last Mile: Why Online Shopping Will Exceed Our Wildest Predictions. Jonathan Reeve starts by addressing the fact that online shopping will inevitably alter the idea and fate of the retail industry. It then details how certain online shopping perks, such as last-mile delivery, can make or break any retail business. 

Reeve points out the dire need for companies to adjust to the demand for an online presence and efficient last-mile delivery to stay afloat. While he does say that in-person retail shopping will not wholly die out, businesses still need to prioritize online platforms as a critical point of their success. With this book, readers receive advice and real-life knowledge straight from a retail expert. 

The Changing Postal Environment: Market and Policy Innovation

The Changing Postal Environment: Market and Policy Innovation, co-written by Piere Luigi Parcu, Timothy J. Brennan, and Victor Glass, is an excellent book to help unpack the lasting impact of last mile delivery on postal companies. The book aids readers in developing a proficient understanding of the logistics of last mile delivery and the difference that logically designed and implemented shipping policies can make. 

The authors provide a deep dive into the changes that last mile delivery continues to make in postal service companies. Understanding the logistic side of fast shipping is critical in developing a last mile service that will run efficiently on all ends. Out of all the last mile books on this list, The Changing Postal Environment: Market and Policy Innovation is the most policy-centered read.

Last Mile: How Startups Solve the Challenge of Delivering to Your Door

Co-authors Chris Jordan and Joe Weber take readers through the components of developing stellar delivery services for startups. Their book, Last Mile: How Startups Solve the Challenge of Delivering to Your Door, aims to help those just starting. Any business owner can achieve shipping legacy status with tips and ideas for creating a highly successful and efficient last mile delivery program. 

The book includes interviews with several customers, business owners, and postal services to provide real-life scenarios and ideas on what not to do when designing a postal program. By combining real-life experiences with statistics and theories, readers can better understand how the industry works and what the best move may be for their business.


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