One of the biggest perks about working in the delivery business is that there’s often a lot of time to listen– at least for drivers. This makes podcasts a popular option for anyone in the transportation industry. 

But what if you wanted to improve your professional game and expand your delivery knowledge base while listening to entertaining, engaging media? That’s where delivery business podcasts come in.

The following is our list of the top last mile delivery podcasts:

The Freight Project Podcast

If you’re looking for the latest information from industry experts and logistics professionals, the Fright Project Podcast is a great place to start. This radio show features guest appearances from leaders in the supply chain, transportation, freight, logistics, and much more.

This versatile podcast offers information about many aspects of transportation that affect professional logistics operations, including warehouse and yard management, transportation technology, and carrier data. It’s a great way to get top-level logistics strategies from freight specialists across the country without leaving your home– or truck. 

The Freight Project is available for listening on multiple platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Soundcloud. 

Let’s Talk Supply Chain

Let’s Talk Supply Chain creator is an industry expert who spent two decades building, growing, and expanding the family business. She now uses her expertise and experiences to create podcasts about her passion– supply chain logistics. 

She has also recently been included in the Top 100 Most Influential Women in Supply ChainTop (B2G) and 100 Most Influential Women in Canadian Supply Chain (SCMA).

If you prefer visual media, blogs and videos are available to view on the Let’s Talk Supply Chain website and YouTube channel. Topics cover a wide range of transportation info, from creating better fulfillment networks to automating supply chain operations. 

You can listen to Let’s Talk Supply Chain on Apple iTunes, Google, Spotify, Player FM, and more. 

Guy Bloch and Eyefortransport: Forecasts in Last-Mile Delivery (Podcast)

Though this is just one podcast (instead of a series), the discussion on last-mile delivery with Eyefortransport and Guy Bloch offers unique insights into advancements in transportation. 

Bloch uses his expertise from 20 years of working in transportation and logistics companies of various sizes to provide in-depth information about the systems involved.

One of the best parts of this podcast is that there is a complete transcript available, so if you miss anything while listening– or just want to add the info to your notes– you can read the information from the podcast directly on the website. 

Aside from the website, you can find the podcast on YouTube for easy listening. 

Podcast: Can we solve the last-mile delivery puzzle?

This is another singular podcast brought to us by Matthias Winkenbach, the MIT Megacity Logistics Lab director. This podcast is part of a three-episode series providing new and innovative takes on the issues surrounding logistics operations. 

This is a great podcast for you if you are interested in using current data and understanding policies to improve logistical processes, especially in urban environments. The expert discusses finding the best data sources, dealing with urban density, and driving logistics toward the future. 

You can listen to Podcast: Can we solve the last-mile delivery puzzle? On Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. 

Last Mile Delivery 

Check out the aptly named Last Mile Delivery podcast for continuously up-to-date info on supply chains and logistics.

This is an excellent source of information about emerging technologies in the delivery business and new services, and potential issues popping up in the field. Last Mile Delivery is designed to keep you updated on the latest and most need-to-know data in transportation.

Curious about e-trailers? What about effective direct-to-consumer fulfillment services? Or perhaps you are wondering how current events are shaping the supply chain field? This is a fantastic choice for staying on top of new logistics info.

You can listen to Last Mile Delivery on Google Podcasts.

The Logistics Tribe

Many people love listening to podcasts consistently– it’s comforting to tune into your favorite podcast every week and listen to a familiar voice with new info. The Logistics Tribe uploads a new episode about global logistics and supply chain management every week if that’s your style.

The hosts of the podcast are three logistics professionals with a wealth of transportation experience. All three are available to follow on LinkedIn for more information on their professional backgrounds, with links provided on the Logistics Tribe website. 

You can listen to The Logistic Tribe’s podcast on their website through Podlove. It is also available to download. 


Whether you are looking for a regular podcast that you can tune into every week or just one episode to learn more about transportation, these podcasts are sure to help you stay updated on transportation and supply chain management.

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