There was already a fast-moving trajectory toward more shoppers moving online, but the 2020 pandemic pushed things even faster. Online shopping and e-commerce seem more important with every passing day. That means last-mile delivery is becoming even more significant in customer satisfaction. And last-mile delivery customers are getting more demanding than ever before. 

As a last-mile delivery business, your investment is optimizing customer satisfaction to the best of your ability. Outstanding last-mile delivery performance is increasingly essential to repeat customer business for your client. And if the client thinks you let them down, you won’t get the contract again. So maximizing customer satisfaction on delivery is not only in your client’s interest; it’s in yours too. 

Outstanding Last Mile Delivery is a Challenge

As a last-mile delivery provider, experience tells you how difficult it is to get the process just right. So many circumstances can cause complications, even to the point of making packages late and customers angry and ready to complain. 

5 Ways to Optimize Customer Satisfaction

So, what should you do to improve delivery customer satisfaction if you’re a last-mile delivery business? There are several steps you can take. Let’s find out how to make your last-mile delivery customers happy. 

1. Keep Track of Your Drivers

Tracking your drivers includes monitoring how they perform and improving how you communicate with them (and they’re able to communicate with you). Staying competitive demands the capability of tracking your drivers in real time. 

Keep in constant communication with your drivers, so you are immediately aware of any problems that arise.  

2. Driver Dispatch Automation

Automated dispatching will cut down on the cost of labor, as well as help speed up deliveries. Moving forward, and even now, you cannot compete in the last-mile delivery arena without automated driver dispatch. Without this capability, your delivery speed will be far too slow. And when that happens, customer satisfaction enters a downward spiral. When you have driver dispatch automation, you get the best route optimization

3. Logistics Data All in One Place

Keep all your logistics data in one centralized location to optimize problem-solving and make your operations as efficient as possible. Data is most useful when it’s immediately accessible. Centralize data such as information about your fleets and more. 

When you harness the power of high-quality route management software, you take an invaluable step toward maximizing your last-mile delivery operation’s profitability. You can keep track of your drivers and routes, staying aware of the slightest detail at every moment. The right software will even have an ROI calculator. 

4. Level Up Your Performance with the Right Software

Using the most efficient software is critical to optimizing your last-mile delivery service. WorkWave offers software solutions for your last-mile delivery enterprise. We provide the WorkWave Route Manager, the WorkWave Route Manager GPS, and the WorkWave Routing Engine. 

Getting and using the best software is key to improving customer satisfaction for your last-mile business. 

5. Delivery Status Change Automation 

You’ve got to know right away when a package has is delivered. This helps optimize driver time and keeps you in the know of how and where you can improve. It will also keep you in the loop when customers call to complain about late deliveries. 

Stay Competitive in Last Mile Delivery

As e-commerce becomes exponentially more important, you’ll face more and more competitors in the last-mile delivery industry. Now is the moment to start getting more competitive.


Nicole Fevrin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, has been with WorkWave for over four years. She works on the Route Manager, GPS, and ServMan products. Nicole has over 21 years of experience in B2B and B2C Marketing in various industries and possess a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies. Her background industries range from ultra-luxury and cosmetics to commodities and home services. This range has afforded her a well-rounded perspective of customer insights and various business models.