Happy’s Home Centers’ Return to WorkWave Route Manager

Happy’s Home Centers, a Tampa Bay Florida-based home goods rent-to-own company, tried another software solution but ultimately returned to WorkWave. They found the Route Manager 360 solution unmatched in user-friendliness and time efficiency compared to the competition.

Read more about why Happy’s Home Centers owner, Adam Stark, chose WorkWave to position his company for operational efficiency and profitability.

Founded: 2010

Services Provided

Rent-to-own furniture, consumer electronics, and appliance sales

Areas Served

Tampa Bay area

WorkWave Solutions

WorkWave Route Manager 360 with GPS Tracking

About Happy’s Home Centers

Since opening their first location in 2010, Happy’s Home Centers has expanded to over a dozen additional brick and mortar locations throughout the Tampa Bay area. Their rent-to-own stores provide shoppers with a variety of goods, including quality furniture, consumer electronics, and appliances on flexible payment plans. The result is quality goods at a price intended to suit any budget.

Happy’s Home Centers is locally owned and operated by members of the Tampa Bay community who are proud to serve their neighbors and help them find the home goods they need, without reconfiguring their budgets.

Your user interface spoiled me; the other software required a lot of data manipulation in Excel prior to upload. I just couldn’t use that software knowing WorkWave Route Manager’s solution was much more efficient.

The Challenge

As Happy’s Home Centers continued to expand into new locales over the past decade, they found themselves encountering new challenges with collecting payments from customers. When customers go dark and cannot be contacted via phone, email, or mailings, account managers need to go to the home locations. As a result, the Happy’s Home Centers team was spending upwards of 15 hours a day manually planning out routes; they needed to find a way to reduce the time and expenses associated with making those collection visits.

While seeking a solution to their routing needs, Happy’s Home Centers found WorkWave Route Manager. Route Manager’s automated route optimization functionality and user-friendly interface allowed Happy’s Home Centers to start saving time and operating more efficiently immediately, giving them the control they needed to improve their profitability.

After a year of great success with Route Manager, Happy’s Home Centers began working to establish a central call center to consolidate all of their collections in one location. At this crossroads, Happy’s Home Centers decided to change to a different route planning software provider after being promised smooth integration with one of their other software tools. As soon as they switched though, Happy’s Home Centers found that the user interface of the competitor’s product only served to create new bumps in the road during the routing process.

Finding no benefits to the other software and missing Route Manager’s user-friendly approach and comprehensive features, Happy’s Home Centers quickly realized that something needed to change.

Route Manager was much easier to use. I used Route Manager because of the intuitive interface. I’d enter orders once and the routes are laid out in front of you for the depots. Little work with the setup.

The Solution

When Happy’s Home Centers first sought out route optimization software, they found great success with Route Manager. The software significantly reduced the time that their account managers spent planning routes. As Adam Stark, owner of Happy’s Home Centers, says, “Our account managers would sit there with a stack of papers and route them individually, either off their intuition or using MapQuest or something. So we were spending probably 16 hours a day of labor just routing stuff. So that’s really why we started using [Route Manager], to create that efficiency.” Using Route Manager had an immediate effect, allowing Stark and his team to save hours every day. “I come in in the morning, I export data from our point of sales for all 14 of our locations, I add one column into the Excel file, and I import it into Route Manager,” Stark continues. “It’s probably three minutes of work that I do.”

When it came time to rethink the call center operations and Stark made the difficult decision to leave Route Manager and try a competitor’s product that was designed to integrate with a tracking system he already had in place, the company quickly recognized that switching softwares was taking a step backwards; Happy’s Home Centers didn’t stay away from Route Manager for long. As Stark explored the competitor product’s interface, he knew right away that it wouldn’t offer what his company needed. “[Integration] was really the driving factor behind us going with that software over WorkWave. Outside of that, there weren’t really any pros; everything else was more difficult, besides the fact that it integrated. And honestly, the integration wasn’t really even a benefit.”

“I found myself becoming frustrated with teaching myself how to use [a competitor’s] software and their process of routing stuff, which was arduous,” Stark says. “I knew that WorkWave was there and all I had to do was send an email to start up again, so that’s what I did.”

Stark immediately made the decision to return to Route Manager, relaunching WorkWave Route Manager 360 with GPS almost immediately after trying the competition. The Happy’s Home Centers team has seen their business get back on track and continue to improve since returning to Route Manager. Stark points out that Route Manager not only saves significant time when routing, but also allows his account managers to contact more customers for collections; each account manager is now able to visit 40-50 customers in a given day, as opposed to 20 or so before using Route Manager.

Revenue is higher for account managers using Route Manager, which has enabled Happy’s Home Centers payroll to operate much more efficiently and improve their bottom line. Route Manager’s intuitive dashboard has drastically reduced training time needed for new account managers, allowing the entire team to operate more efficiently and virtually eliminating wasted time in the routing process for Happy’s Home Centers.

The Results

15+ hours of labor saved each day

Improved accountability and the ability to capture proof of delivery

Reduced training time by two hours for each account manager

Account managers are equipped to handle twice as many visits each day

Higher revenue for account managers using Route Manager

If a company has multiple locales, Route Manager should be easy pickings. It makes the process so much more efficient and is so easy to use.

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