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SCANGLAS is a prominent company based in Denmark that specializes in providing innovative solutions in the glass industry. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to excellence, SCANGLAS offers a comprehensive range of glass products and services, catering to diverse sectors such as construction, architecture and interior design.

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Innovative solutions in the glass industry

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WorkWave Solutions

RouteManager by WorkWave™

Since using RouteManager, we have seen significant improvements in customer satisfaction. The transparency and reliability of our delivery processes have strengthened customer trust and loyalty.”

The Challenge

SCANGLAS, a Danish company specializing in producing insulated glass and single glass for construction, faced significant challenges in managing its delivery operations efficiently. With two factories and several sales points across Denmark, SCANGLAS relied on a paper-based system for delivery planning, lacking historical data and real-time tracking capabilities. This outdated approach led to inefficiencies in route planning, limited visibility into delivery processes and difficulties in adapting to changing demand patterns.

The Solution

To address these challenges, SCANGLAS sought a comprehensive route optimization solution that could streamline its delivery operations and enhance efficiency. After exploring various options, they discovered RouteManager by WorkWave, a powerful software designed to optimize route planning and scheduling. Impressed by its features and capabilities,SCANGLAS decided to implement the software and transitioned from manual, paper-based planning to an automated, data-driven approach.

RouteManager has been instrumental in optimizing our routes and increasing efficiency. We now deliver an average of 18 trucks daily, with each route strategically planned.

Since implementing RouteManager in 2018, SCANGLAS has experienced significant improvements in its delivery operations and overall business performance. By leveraging the software’s proprietary routing algorithm and real-time tracking capabilities, SCANGLAS has optimized its routes, reduced delivery times and increased efficiency. The company now delivers an average of 18 trucks daily, with each route strategically planned to minimize costs and maximize productivity.

The company has enhanced its customer service and satisfaction levels by providing accurate delivery time estimates, real-time tracking and proof of delivery with pictures. This transparency and reliability have strengthened customer trust and loyalty, leading to increased repeat business and positive referrals.

RouteManager has empowered SCANGLAS’s route planners to focus on strategic decision-making and customer service, rather than being bogged down by manual route planning tasks. With streamlined processes and improved flexibility, SCANGLAS can now adapt quickly to changing demand and customer requirements, further enhancing its competitive edge in the market.

Before implementing RouteManager, our delivery planning was paper-based, lacking historical data and tracking capabilities. We needed a change.

The Results

Consistently provides accurate delivery times to customers
Hours saved from transitioning from paper-based route planning to digital
Delivers an average of 18 trucks daily

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