As a food hospitality business that offers delivery services or a new small business owner breaking into the delivery business industry, rather than map out all your deliveries manually, it’s best to do it with an app for delivery routes instead. Hence, utilizing a delivery route planner will reduce human error by manually mapping out deliveries to hungry customers so that they can receive the food hot and fresh. 

Using delivery routing apps is a definite time saver, so drivers go to the nearest drop-off location first, then the nearest, and the other stops further out. Which apps are the best ones that stand the test of modern conveniences in 2024? Let’s find out!

What Is the Function of a Delivery Route Planner App?

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A delivery route planner app takes the fuss out of planning the order of multiple deliveries in one trip by looking it up on a virtual map. It schedules stops for delivery drivers based on distance, the due time for the delivery, and other factors. 

Companies can plan efficient and structured routes to save production time and gas money. With the app’s feedback capabilities, company personnel can learn about the delivery driver’s experience on the route. The client can leave a comment and rate their delivery experience. 

In addition, delivery route planner apps provide real-time traffic updates, which help drivers avoid traffic congestion and adjust their routes accordingly. This ensures timely deliveries and improves customer satisfaction by reducing the chances of late or missed deliveries. 

The Best Features of a Delivery Route Planner App

An app for delivery routes utilizes key features that help delivery drivers stay on track when bringing company goods to customers. When choosing which app platform to use, ensure it has these main features and an easy-to-use interface. 

  • Driver tracking
  • Shows the status of delivery
  • Automatically sends updates to customers
  • Delivery proof
  • Optimizes stops on your delivery route

Driver Tracking

Especially when the delivery driver has to make multiple deliveries at once, the next client in line can learn where the driver is currently. 

Shows Status of Delivery

One of the most integral features of delivery routing apps is that they show the status of the delivery process. Is the package being processed at the restaurant or warehouse? Is it currently en route to the customer around the time of scheduled delivery? Delivery routing apps update customers on the delivery status throughout the entire process. 

Automatically Updates Customers 

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Do you know when you order from DoorDash, Grubhub, or UberEats, you receive regular updates on how your delivery is coming along? Apps for delivery routes integrate the same function! 

When the customer’s order transitions to the delivery phase, the delivery route app will send an update via text message to their phone number and/or directly to their email. Most apps are sent to both communication channels to ensure the customer knows every step of the process. 

If the delivery driver has trouble finding the client’s address, they can reach out via the provided phone number for more succinct directions. Especially if the client lives in an apartment or a home that is off the road and hard to see at night, the delivery driver may need more guidance to deliver to the proper residence. 

Delivery Proof

An app for delivery routes maintains compliance with your delivery policies and acts as a safety net if customers claim they did not receive a delivery. People in the neighborhood may try to steal off their doorstep. Customers themselves may even blame you for not delivering it for multiple reasons. 

When your delivery drivers take a picture of the delivery proof portion of the app, it will show up on the customer’s end. Hence, if any issue were to surface, at least you have the delivery proof on file. 

Optimizes Stops on Your Delivery Route

Human error can occur if you attempt to map out routes by looking at Google Maps and comparing and contrasting distances with the different addresses. The delivery route planner you choose will optimize the stops for you, so delivery drivers stop at the nearest locations and then end at the farther ones. 

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4 Best Delivery Route Planner Apps for 2024

Now that you know what a delivery route is and the key features to look for in your chosen platform, here are the four best delivery route planner apps for 2024. 

1. RouteManager

RouteManager is an app for delivery routes from the parent company, WorkWave. It is a business-to-business company that helps its clientele provide better customer service to their clientele with substantial route optimization technology. 

Known as one of the Top 25 Software Leaders in New Jersey, RouteManager is the best route planner app for delivery drivers because of its many high-quality features and easy-to-use platform design. RouteManager makes it easy to automate delivery routes based on the addresses drivers input into the software during dispatch. 

The app promises to enhance route efficiency by 30% and increase delivery count by 20%. The technology uses driver tracking to give your customers a proper ETA so that they know when to expect their delivery.

2. Route4Me

Route4Me was the first app for delivery routes to become available across all smartphones and smart devices, including Android, iPad, and iPhone. 

The platform recommends utilizing Route4Me if your delivery drivers have 10 or more stops per day to do. They guarantee that your drivers need only one minute to plan your delivery routes daily once you have all the addresses input into the app software. 

You can receive a seven-day trial of Route4Me when you first sign up to try the platform’s capabilities before subscribing to the app full-time. After your trial, Route4Me will cost you as low as $99 per month. This small investment can save you many headaches with possible customer service issues. 

3. RoadWarrior Flex 

RoadWarrior Flex conducted a study showing that their route optimization will help you finish deliveries faster than Google Maps. 

The study showed that it took three hours and 27 minutes, and 115 miles for a 10-stop route. RoadWarrior Flex was able to optimize that 10-stop route, and the driver completed it in two hours and 27 minutes, only driving 47.9 miles. The optimization saved an hour of drive time and went 67.1 fewer miles than Google Maps. 

The app allows you to designate where and how your delivery drivers travel by omitting or including highways. Assign routes to your delivery drivers with the click of a button. Monitor how a route is going while your fleet is out for the day. 

4. Straightaway

Straightaway connects to your local customers by optimizing delivery routes for faster service. Available on Play Store and iOS, you can deliver goods and services whether you are in the restaurant business, pest control, retail routes, junk removal, and more!

Rather than typing in an address, you can automatically scan a shipping label with the address to add it to your route. The app analyzes the current traffic, the weather forecast, construction zones, and current accidents reported, so you evade time wasters and get to your customers faster!

Choose Your Delivery Route Planner App Today!

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