Maybe it’s feasible to use a simple map solution when you own one or two vehicles, but when your fleet grows you’ll want to reconsider your route planning tools.

Let’s explore the limitations of using Google Maps for planning your routes:

  • You can’t plan around your constraints. Route planning software automatically builds constraints (time-windows, driver skills, vehicle needs) into your plan.
  • You can’t account for time at orders. Route planning software builds in expected/set time.
  • You can’t view driver status or collect proof of delivery. Route planning software allows you to check-in on arrival/departure times and drivers can attach images, notes, audio files and signatures after each stop.
  • You need to figure out a way to get customer information to your drivers. Route planning software dispatches all order information (and more) to your drivers.
  • You can’t analyze your plan after the day ends. Route planning software provides you with an analytics dashboard to drill into the details.
  • You have to input your addresses manually. Route planning software uploads your addresses via Excel/.csv file – in addition to API integration and manual input.

Here’s how to efficiently manage your routes for the day with WorkWave Route Manager’s route planning software:

Plan multi-stop routes in minutes

  • Upload your orders via Excel/.csv or integrate via API.
  • Make adjustments as needed until you are satisfied (like drag-and-drop, reshuffle, or tweak start/end times).
  • Reduce chance for human error.

Eliminate paperwork

  • Keep everyone organized and dispatch routes to each drivers’ smartphone.
  • Digitally record proof of delivery.

Monitor your team in real-time

  • Layer GPS tracking onto your map.
  • View live ETAs (estimated arrival times).
  • Keep your team accountable.

Review performance and benchmarks

  • Set goals for your team – and hold them to it!
  • If a day is thrown off, check in on your routing metrics to backtrack and see where the problem started. Use data to help you prevent similar problems from happening in the future.

Route Planning Software Buyer’s Guide

Ready to make the switch and take your route planning to new heights? Then it’s time to start evaluating the solutions that are available. Start your search on a high note by downloading below!