The phrase “ignorance is bliss” isn’t an option when you’re managing a team of drivers and scheduling home deliveries. But, you can avoid being left in the dark and prevent your team from answering “I don’t know” to your customers again.  

When you have live tracking enabled you gain immediate insight into your fleet’s performance. You can begin to manage your team with confidence and share visibility into your drivers’ locations.

Transparency is the key to a successful day and if you want to quickly locate your drivers at a moment’s notice, there’s one sure-fire solution – GPS tracking.

When you are busy between fielding customer complaints, tracking down requests, and reacting to emergency situations – live tracking can help you manage your day more effectively.

With GPS Tracking enabled, you can:

  • Confirm driver & vehicle location 24/7
  • Protect your business
  • Increase accountability
  • Monitor driver behavior

From day one, you’ll feel empowered with a trusted technology that gives you increased coverage and peace of mind. Because when you have vehicles on the road, it’s vitally important to know your driver’s exact location at any given moment. This helps you give confident answers to customers and maintain control when you’re not in the office.

Benefits of GPS Tracking

Encourage Safe Driving Behaviors

Unfortunately, one major lawsuit can bankrupt the average small or even medium-sized business. Are you certain that your employees never speed or engage in other dangerous driving behaviors in your company vehicles? Even though you’re not the one behind the wheel, you are liable for employee behavior when they’re on the clock and/or using your vehicles. GPS tracking promotes safer driving behaviors, because your employees will know that this matters to you.

Ensure That Employee Work Hours Are Recorded Correctly

GPS tracking saves business owners money in several different ways, but this is the most obvious one. If you’re relying on manual reporting of job hours, or some other system, human error can cost you a lot of money. With our GPS tracking service, you can see how long each job actually takes and cut back on over-reporting of hours and unnecessary overtime pay.

Providing More Transparency to Your Customers

It’s safe to say your call volume spikes when your driver is late which means the expectation hasn’t been met and your customers are left in the dark. To help reduce friction and improve the customer experience you can provide an accurate ETA based on GPS location data. You can also choose to send alerts through 3rd party systems (like Twilio) to share important updates like “driver is 15 minutes away”. Your customers will thank you for the extra level of transparency!

No More Guessing If There Is Traffic or Another Issue

GPS lets you view where your driver is at any given moment, but it’s the automated update on arrival time that solves the larger problem. When you can view live ETAs from field you gain an understanding on how your driver’s exact location could impact the rest of the day and when arrivals for the rest of the day are projected. Relying on phone calls, texts, emails from your drivers can get messy. Live ETAs can confirm if the driver is held behind and put the answers right in front of you.

Have Confidence When You Provide Updates

To piggyback off transparency, it’s just as important to improve your accuracy! Relying on manual updates from the road are a step in the right direction, but with GPS backed Live ETAs you have a more reliable way of getting the information you need. After all, we all know what happens when you assume right? To avoid any headaches or confusion, use real-time data to run your business.

Meet Same Day Challenges

Consumers either want it faster or at a convenient time. Both can be done with a mixed-demand approach, managing pre-planned orders while taking in last minute requests at the same time. The secret to success here is assigning the orders at the right time and to the right resource; to make same day optimal you’ll want to plan around your driver’s most recent position. With the right approach you can accept same day requests, plan with confidence, and make sure you are meeting expectations

GPS Mobile Apps

A GPS mobile app goes with you and allows you to:

  • View breadcrumb trail activity
  • Instantly confirm vehicle position
  • Access driver behavior events
  • Visualize events (speeding, braking, vehicle on-off, etc.)

GPS Tracking with a mobile app makes it easy to manage through the day:

  • Check-in whenever, wherever: when you have the answers at your fingertips.
  • Don’t feel strapped down to your desk: be mobile and run your day with more flexibility.
  • Confirm if an alert is mission critical or if can wait: drill into the details on any alerts and take action when needed.
  • Be a better manager: no one likes to be micromanaged, so instead of calling for a location update – you have the information available 24/7!

WorkWave: GPS Track is an easy-to-use GPS app that gives you 24/7 visibility from any location, from any device, at any time. It integrates with all WorkWave solutions and helps you to stay in control of your day. You’ll never lose sight of your driver’s location with tracking available at any time from any Android or iOS device.

For more information on WorkWave: GPS Track visit our website. Existing WorkWave customer? Download the mobile app on your device from the App Store or Google Play.


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