Once upon a time, the logistics of remotely managing a field service business would’ve seemed impossible. However, the advent of smartphones and tablets have made this a reality and now it’s easier than ever to connect your branch office(s) and field techs with the use of mobile apps.

Moving your operation to a cloud based system may seem daunting, especially if you’re accustomed to managing the business manually. Read on to discover five major benefits of using a mobile app like PestPac for your field service business.

Improved Productivity

With instant access to daily appointments and critical account information, your techs will arrive at every job site prepared and ready to go. They can easily and precisely track materials used, add photos and documents to customer accounts and track time on the job all without ever leaving the app.

With this additional control, you’ll save time in the field and office. Unnecessary calls between office staff and field techs are eliminated, saving valuable time for more important matters. Reporting is also simplified, as techs can generate and email customer invoices directly in the app, before ever leaving the job site.

Streamlined Operations

Communications between the home office and field technicians are vastly improved when using mobile apps. All necessary information is captured at the job site and transmitted to the office in real time, greatly reducing the risk of incorrect billing and potential errors due to illegible handwriting.

Office staff will always know where techs are in their day, as well as the status of current jobs. Making adjustments to work schedules in real time is easier than ever, as availability and proximity are updated automatically. Technicians are immediately updated regarding schedule changes, job details and new locations.

Improved Customer Experience

The popularity of mobile devices has changed customer expectations forever. When access to information and services is just a single tap away, the expectation of instant gratification is set. Naturally, businesses need to adapt to these expectations to keep customers satisfied. A Forrester study showed that 80% of businesses using mobile apps in the field have seen an increase in overall customer satisfaction. Real time text updates informing customers of upcoming service visits and appointment changes will provide a positive experience for new and returning customers.

Data Accuracy

While state regulations may require you to keep paper records for your business, the process of manually collecting data in the field is notoriously inaccurate and inefficient. Capturing data with pen and paper is prone to errors, not to mention that documents can easily get lost before being filed away at the office.

Mobile apps allow your business to go paperless and improve efficiency. Office staff no longer have to worry about inputting data following appointments, freeing up time for other tasks. Filling out paperwork in the field is burdensome and leads to frustration for the customer and technician alike. Securely capture payments and customer signatures while giving techs complete access to customer information.

Bring Your Company Into the Digital Age

Perception is everything and whether you realize it or not, companies that are using the latest technology are seen as innovative and progressive by customers. Arming your technicians with the latest and greatest in mobile technology gives your company more credibility and builds trust among customers.

Using a mobile app that is industry leading has its advantages as well. PestPac is the first product of its kind to become TRUSTe certified. Credit card information and all customer data is secure, preventing unauthorized access and giving customers peace of mind.

Utilizing an mobile app in the field can greatly benefit your business, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profits. Ready to get started? Request your personalized PestPac demo today!


Rick Agajanian serves as WorkWave’s Vice President of Product Management.