If you run a field service business or any type of business, you are probably very focused on customer retention. We all know that it is easier and more cost-effective to keep a customer than it is to gain one. In fact, depending on the industry, acquiring a new customer can be between 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existingcustomer. Assuming you feel confident that you are providing great service and customers are generally happy with you, it’s time to look for other ways to increase “stickiness”. Here’s one you may not have thought of: cross-selling.

Cross-Selling Is a Win-Win

More and more, busy customers prefer to work with one company and be billed once rather than having to keep on top of multiple vendors. When you think of it this way, it’s important to educate your customers about all of the services you provide. This is where the ‘stickiness’ comes in. The last thing you want is for a customer to look to your competitor because they weren’t aware that you offer a particular service. More importantly, the more services you provide to each customer, the more valuable and indispensable you become. As an added bonus, the all-important brand loyalty and brand advocacy will come easy when your customers start to take advantage of more and more of your offerings. They will appreciate the reduced friction and time-savings that come from working with one company.

Tips for Cross-Selling to Your Customers

You don’t necessarily need a professional sales team or large budget to start cross-selling more. Here are some simple, low to no-cost strategies you can put in place right away:

  1. *Cross-Sell Email: Create an email or a series of emails to educate your customers about other pests and services you provide. Including tips or fun facts can keep customers engaged and help establish you as an expert.
  2. *Marketing Text on Service Orders and Invoices: Include a message about another service you offer to every Service Order and/or Invoice you send out.
  3. *Automated Phone or Email Reminders: Add a message to the end of emails or automated phone call service reminders. For example, at the end of the reminder message, “Be sure to ask your technician about XYZ service”.
  4. Your Technicians: Your techs are on the front line every day talking to customers, so it’s key that they be ready to identify opportunities for cross-sale. If they don’t feel comfortable selling, be sure to provide them with some printed materials to leave behind, or ask them to tee up sales for follow up.

*Can be executed right from PestPac

The bottom line is that the more services a customer has, the deeper their relationship with your company, and the less likely they are to leave.


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