Pest control companies deal with unwanted guests for home and business owners across the country. From termites and cockroaches to rats and raccoons, pest control businesses keep families and workspaces safe.

To flourish in the United States, social media for pest control companies is a must. The traditional methods of word-of-mouth marketing aren’t completely gone, they’ve simply evolved into shares, likes, and comments via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. 

Workwave is a field-business software developer, focusing on businesses like yours. We understand that pest control and other field-based companies differ in many ways from brick and mortar businesses. One of the ways we help field-based businesses is through our end-to-end integrated marketing solutions and services, including pest control social media. 

Looking to get ahead in the pest control game? Here are some tips from WorkWave

Engage Where Possible

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The best thing you can do in social media is be engaging and social media for pest control is no different. Social media is all about connecting with consumers. You can up your social game by monitoring notifications for likes, shares, and comments, and returning in kind. 

Customers like to know the brands they connect with and care about them as much as they care about you. This might seem foreign for a pest control company, but clients who find success with a certain service are happy to stick with that service. If you see mentions or comments of the page, engage in other ways, be sure to engage right back. 

Social network engagement not only increases brand awareness and customer loyalty. It helps make your posts and business page more visible on social media. While social media accounts like Facebook and other social giants run on algorithms different from Google’s search engines, there are rules and regulations to follow. 

Humanize Your Brand

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No brand is an island. Okay, that’s not the saying, but nobody wants to partner with “big business”. Modern consumers are educated, empathetic, and well aware of brand competition. They’re not looking for a faceless entity to sell them products and pest control services. Rather, consumers want to engage with companies they can relate to. 

Humanizing your brand isn’t as tough as you might think. Some tips on social media for pest control include:

  • Meet the Team Messages: Videos, photos, or posts that let customers meet your staff are a major selling point these days. Consumers love seeing the faces behind the business. 
  • A Day in the Life of Blog/Videos: Another way to show your customers what your business is all about is by making a YouTube, TikTok, or writing a blog that gives them an idea of a regular day in the life of your company. 
  • Local Spotlights: People love seeing their communities highlighted, and as a local business, who could do that better than you? A great way to improve marketing on social media for pest control is by showing off where you are in the community, highlighting nearby businesses in your neighborhood, and showing consumers how you contribute to the town. 

There are plenty of ways to show consumers that there are human personalities behind your pest control business. Even taking the time to introduce yourself and your team goes a long way as your local customers become acquainted with your brand, services, and products. 

Don’t Ignore the Negative Feedback

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One of the worst things you can do on social media for pest control, or any field-based business, is to ignore negative feedback or only focus on positive reviews. Nobody wants to read criticism or poor online reviews on their social media business accounts, but not every experience can be good. 

Rather than shy away from negative words online, embrace them as a challenge to do better, win over the complaining party, and show other customers that you’re a good sport. Remember that whatever you write online sticks with you and impacts your company’s reputation long-term. 

If you get a negative comment, whether the comment is a false accusation or not, be sure to reply. Apologize that the customer’s experience was not to their standard, take the time to acknowledge any specific scenarios mentioned in the comment, and advise that your team will work on better communication and follow through on the next assignment. 

Automate Where You Can

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Automation is a time saver and a major help in managing social media for pest control. Automation fits into several areas of social media marketing, including:

  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Chatbot responses to customers
  • Templates for email responses
  • Auto-replies on comments and shares

Automation isn’t the answer to everything. The “human” nature of social media, as outlined above, is critical to the success of digital marketing for pest control. However, there are some areas where automation can save time, money, and resources. 

Automating posts you’ve written to be released at scheduled times, automated responses to new inquiries when you’re out of the office, and many other features go a long way to keep customers engaged, even when you can’t be there manually. 

Secure an Influencer

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Social media influencers are people or businesses who have gained popularity through social media and social media connections alone. Some social media influencers are celebrities in their own right, while others are only popular in certain cities and states. 

If you can partner with a social media influencer, whether it’s a YouTuber or a TikToker, it can go a long way toward the overall popularity of your brand. Consumers want to see people they know and trust recommending new brands. Having a social media influencer talk about your products or services makes you more reputable.

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Manage a variety of business tasks while also growing your business. WorkWave’s pest control software is here to help you manage your business all in one place.

Keep Tabs on Analytics

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Analytics and metrics reports tell you what’s working and what’s not in social media for pest control. These reports show you where your social media marketing efforts are succeeding and where they need work to meet their mark. 

Regular analytics reports give you insight on:

  • How many people are looking at your posts
  • How many comments are received
  • How many times your posts are shared
  • How many links are clicked from your posts

Seeing how much attention each social media update engages, shows you which posts are popular. Whether you’re posting videos, photos, or just copy alone, analytics lets you see what your customers want more of. 

Posting on Time

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The time of day and even day of the week you choose to post on social media make a difference to engagement. Research suggests that the best time to post on social media is between 11 am and 1 pm or 2 pm on Wednesdays with maximum engagement occurring Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. 

Understanding the most popular times for your customers to be online enhances the chance that your posts will be read, shared, liked, and commented on. 

Some social media research also recommends posting on certain sites multiple times a day. This might seem like a bit much, but there are some social media platforms where you only share small bursts of content at a time. Twitter is a perfect example of this, where bite-sized blasts of 280 characters maximum can be shared at a time. 

Not finding your consumers to follow these guidelines? No problem. This is where your analytics reports can help you target the best day and time of day to get social. The metrics outlined above let you see which platform is most popular with your subscribers as well. 

Pinpointing a Target Audience

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Pest control companies have a bit of an advantage to locking in on a prime target audience. You know that home and business owners are going to be your primary customers. You likely even have some pest control marketing ideas of which neighborhoods in town have the highest level of pest concerns based on past experiences and data from local searches. 

Your target audience helps you in many ways, including knowing what social media content to post and where. For example, a company that is targeting Gen Z consumers might focus more on TikTok and Instagram, whereas those seeking Millennial customers will be looking at Facebook and Twitter. 

These same guides help you extend your marketing into other avenues, including direct mail. Who and where are the biggest questions to ask yourself as you develop pest control marketing strategies to target and successfully transition the target audience into accomplished customers? 

Use Trusted Pest Control Software

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No matter how new you are to social media marketing, pest control software helps you stay on top of engagement, automation, and more. At WorkWave, we specialize in pest control software, helping local companies with:

  • Scheduling
  • Job management
  • Route processing
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Sales
  • Customer support

These are just a few of the ways WorkWake pest control software helps businesses manage customer engagement, productivity, and organization. 

Interested in learning more about WorkWave and our social media for pest control software? We want to help you get acquainted. We invite you to visit us online to reserve your free demo today! You can also give us a call at 1-866-794-1658 to chat with a member of our sales team in person. We’re always thrilled to hear from new and current users of our bespoke pest control software.

Get Started With Pest Control Software!

Manage a variety of business tasks while also growing your business. WorkWave’s pest control software is here to help you manage your business all in one place.

Hosam Sayed is a Product Marketing Manager at WorkWave with extensive knowledge of B2B product and marketing positioning. When not in front of his computer, he can be found spending time with his family, enjoying outdoor activities, and working on perfecting the art of landscaping.