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Combining the same tools your business relies on to run your pest control business with those you use to process and receive payments enables greater efficiencies that give you the ability to scale your business, attract new customers and provide a seamless experience. The benefits of a truly integrated software solution don’t end when service is completed, though; they continue from service to swipe, from the time your technician finishes the job through to the receipt of payment.

The truth is that collecting payment from your customer is as much of their service experience as the time you spend checking for pests or spraying chemicals. While we tend to think of payment as the end of a transaction, the reality is that collecting payment is just another step in an ongoing cycle of finding and retaining customers. When you approach payment processing the right way, that step becomes a crucial link that allows the cycle to continue, leading to faster payments and more recurring revenue for your business.

Meeting Customers Where They Are

In some ways, the payment process for modern pest control businesses is more complicated than ever. Once upon a time, customers simply handed over cash or a check after every transaction and that was that. Cash is no longer king, though, and today’s customers are familiar with a wide range of payment options — which means you have to be, too.

When your customers have a preferred way to pay — whether it’s paying over the phone in advance, paying at the time of service or paying through self-service portals — accepting that payment method can be key to keeping them as a customer moving forward. Additionally, customers have been shown to pay more promptly when service providers make it easy for them to do so by accepting the methods they prefer.

With WorkWave Payments, field service technicians are able to accept more payment methods than ever before. In addition to empowering your technicians to accept dipped, tapped or swiped cards in the field with Mobile Terminal, our payment processing also enables payment via digital wallets (such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay), which many consumers consider more comfortable, safe and secure since they minimize direct contact.

WorkWave Payments makes it easy to drive recurring revenue. Customers that prefer to place a card on file for additional convenience, can do so confidently knowing that their card information is secure — simplifying their future payments and ensuring their cash flow. In the past, expired cards meant delays in getting paid and delinquent accounts. WorkWave Payments offers  Account Update functionality. This valuable service updates your customers’ credit card account numbers and expiration dates, reducing missed payments, involuntary churn and bothersome customer communication.

For customers who prefer to make payments electronically at their own convenience, options such as ePay links, SMS texts or the self-service Customer Connect portal make it easy to pay from just about anywhere and at any time. That sort of convenience not only encourages prompt payment, but stands out to customers as a feature that’s there to make things easier for them.

The Benefits of Integrated Partnerships

Beyond the immediate cash flow that comes with faster customer payments and more recurring revenue, pest control companies can also benefit from the integration of the leading pest control software solution, PestPac, with WorkWave Payments to maximize their money. As an industry leader, PestPac has used the strength of its partnerships to build relationships that give our customers access to services that make it easier to reinvest in the growth of their business. 

The WorkWave Business Builder Visa is a great option for PCOs who may be looking for alternative ways to fund the costs of doing business. It was specifically designed to help small businesses grow and build a strong credit rating in their company’s name — even with no, or a low, credit rating – and offers a 99% applicant approval rate. The Business Builder Visa helps business owners avoid the late fees and excessive interest rates associated with traditional loans and credit cards and protects their personal credit history. The PCO selects a percentage of their sales to be put toward the card’s balance automatically so that they can purchase necessary items like tools, fuel and materials or save for future purchases.

For PCOs looking to use their reinvestment funds to cost-effectively purchase products and materials, WorkWave has expanded the partnerships available through the WorkWave Marketplace to include a Supplier Discount Program. This gives users the opportunity to resupply on essentials through PestPac for less.From collecting payments faster to saving on necessities, PestPac’s integrated functions make it the one true software solution for pest control businesses. To ensure you’re maximizing your business’s money, get started with PestPac today.

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