Your company’s profits are the key to its success, which means that any opportunity you have to bring in new business or to improve your operational effectiveness is not to be overlooked. Many of the everyday processes that you carry out in the field and office, such as filling out paperwork and then inputting that data into your system at day’s end, are essentially requiring your team to do the same work twice. In some cases, misplaced or illegible paperwork can cause larger problems or even cost you a potential new customer.

By providing your employees in the field with access to company-required or state-mandated forms and checklists, you ensure that they don’t have to waste time looking for the required forms, pulling up necessary data, or returning paperwork to the office or inputting it manually at the end of the day.

With WorkWave Forms, your field staff is able to access key forms and checklists anywhere at any time, ensuring that the proper documents are always filled out and that employees always have access to the relevant information. You’ll be able to import your own custom forms—including professional-looking proposals—and set required fields and responsibilities to ensure consistency from your team in the field.

The ability to generate and submit proposals for new business while in the field allows your staff to quickly document a potential source of new revenue and to instantly sync that information with your office so that it’s never lost or delayed. The result is a system that allows your field service business to not only document new leads but to close sales faster.

Create Professional Proposals

While your employees are in the field, it’s not uncommon for them to be approached by existing customers, neighbors, or passersby inquiring about whether they can be booked for additional work. After all, your work vehicles act as mobile billboards for your business and your employees in the field represent your company in their customer-facing role. It makes sense for interested parties to approach them directly when given the chance.

Your employees might currently have paper forms in their vehicles for new leads to fill out, or maybe they simply hand out a business card or tell prospects to call the number on the side of your truck to talk with the office staff directly. These approaches leave entirely too much up to chance. Will the paperwork get lost along the way? Will the prospect misplace your card? Will they decide to check out the competition before calling?

By equipping your staff with the ability to instantly generate and fill out a professional-looking proposal on the spot with WorkWave Forms, you instantly create an atmosphere of professionalism that shows the prospect you value their interest and plan to take care of them accordingly. Your team can then send the prospect a copy of the proposal digitally, while all of the information is automatically synced with the back office so nothing is ever lost or misplaced.

Create a Work Order

Once a potential lead accepts a proposal, your team can then generate a work order to get the ball rolling. Because WorkWave Forms is integrated directly into WorkWave Service or PestPac, your staff can pull tailored images or satellite maps from Mobile Sketch to include in the work order. This allows them to highlight key areas, calculate square footage, and ensure that the work order is comprehensive, accurate, and tailored to your new customer’s needs.

Schedule & Deliver Service

Providing your customer with an outstanding quality of service during the first visit is crucial to turning one-time services into recurring revenue and building your company’s reputation, so it’s important to ensure everything goes smoothly during that first service. Once a work order is created, WorkWave Service and PestPac allow your office staff to quickly find the best available time to service your new customer.

For upsells on existing service orders, there’s no need to schedule a later visit to complete the requested work. If a customer asks your employees to complete an additional service on top of what’s been scheduled and they have the time to complete it right away, they can use the WorkWave Service or PestPac mobile app to tack the additional service onto the existing work order to keep things running smoothly and keep the customer happy.

Collect Signature & Payment

Once service is completed, your employees can easily email or print invoices, attach images as proof of service, and securely collect customer signatures in person or via an emailed link when needed. Getting paid is also faster for you and more convenient for your customers thanks to WorkWave Payments. A fully integrated payment processing solution, WorkWave Payments allows your customers to pay in the ways they prefer. If a customer prefers to pay on their own time, you can send them a digital invoice with a direct link to make their payment. The end result is a seamless payment process that concludes the service experience on a high note.

By enabling your team to create professional forms and proposals in the field, you drive the service experience to be better for both your customers and your business. WorkWave Forms gives you the tools you need to attract new customers and secure more upsells to generate more revenue, provide your customers with an outstanding service experience that inspires them to count on you time and time again and supercharge your team’s efficiency in the field.

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Brett is a Content Specialist at WorkWave with over a decade of professional writing experience. When he's not glued to his keyboard, he enjoys playing music, reading, playing video games, and just about anything that takes him outdoors.