Helping new customers to find their way to your business is a full-time job, and chances are that you already have your hands full taking care of your current customers and working to ensure that your business is running smoothly. That’s where WorkWave Marketing Services comes in, handling your marketing needs to help grow your business so that you can reach your full potential.

To make things even easier for you, WorkWave Marketing Services is now offering carefully curated bundles to better suit the needs of your business. The WorkWave Marketing Services team has a deep understanding of the unique characteristics that make up each field service market and executes advanced digital initiatives that are able to boost SEO/SEM efforts and foster a strategic and goal-oriented strategy, all while connecting marketing spending with increased revenue. Paired with WorkWave’s digital marketing tools, WorkWave’s joint offering gives its customers the tools to generate leads, boost brand awareness, and ultimately grow and expand their businesses through a strategic approach, with powerful execution.

For a deep dive into these new bundles, we caught up with Philip St. Jacques, WorkWave Marketing Services Principal, to learn more about the details.

What was your vision behind creating these bundled packages?

The vision was twofold. Firstly, we wanted to uncomplicate marketing for our small business clients and give them access to the high-quality web and digital assets. Secondly, we wanted to incorporate marketing applications that can help drive reviews and campaigns.

We bundled services and applications that work hand in hand, making it easier for clients to make a decision. They only need to make one decision about the tools, digital assets, and campaign templates that suit them, and they get a complete end-to-end marketing solution.

What is the value behind using WorkWave’s digital marketing tools and Marketing Services together?

The WorkWave Marketing Services team works closely with the applications team, and we’ve built the infrastructure for website development and campaign assets. The result of this collaboration is that the most expensive part of working with a marketing firm or managed solutions has been taken out of the equation. We create efficiencies by having a templated solution that can be customized, so clients can see exactly what their digital presence and campaigns will look like before they buy.

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How does this separate WorkWave from other software companies that offer digital tools?

We’ve looked at other solutions, and none are nearly as complete. A key differentiator is the campaign templates; that’s one element that no one else is offering. Templates for postcards, digital banner ads, door hangers, and—our most requested—emails, are built into every package we offer, so the content that clients need to drive their campaigns for 2020 is already built.

What are the different types of packages customers can expect from this program?

Website Express is just that: a new WordPress website and basic SEO, all designed to get new businesses online in a matter of weeks.

The Foundations Platform and Accelerate Platform are the most complete and well-rounded featuring integration with WorkWave software, eye-catching mobile-first responsive websites, and a focus on ongoing website content and blog content written to engage audiences and match searcher intent.

We have an Email Marketing Management Program for clients that want us to develop and execute their email campaigns. We also include an AdWords and Digital Media Management Program for those that really want to amplify their presence in their market.

Who is the ideal candidate for the Foundations Package?

The ideal candidate is a company that is growing, and really wants to move to that next level in growth; they’re likely outgrowing the do-it-yourself approach to marketing. This is likely a company with 4-5 technicians or more, 2-3 office staff members, and a desire to take that next step in growing their business and increasing revenue.

Who is the ideal candidate for the Accelerate Package?

Accelerate is for the next-level growth company that wants to “accelerate” its lead generation in the market. Ideally a company with 10-20 techs or more; a dominant player in their market, with the desire to become even more competitive. This type of company would typically also add AdWords Management.

Can clients create custom packages to fit their needs?

We want to uncomplicate marketing for our clients, so the programs outlined are already designed so that it’s easy to find a good fit. The programs are more transparent in terms of service and application offerings for growing companies.

Custom programs are typically for larger clients with multiple locations, and are used to developing marketing plans from scratch. So the short answer is: yes, we can create custom programs, but the packages are set up to run as-is.

When can our customers expect to take advantage of these bundles?

We soft-launched the programs at our recent IFS/WorkWave User Conference, and we look forward to discussing it with our customers at this year’s PestWorld! We are also using this platform to create the same programs for lawn care companies just in time for the GIE+Expo, so we are really excited about that as well. We are already moving existing clients over to the new web platform, and it’s going really well.

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