Looking for a simple solution for price quotes in your field service business? Service by WorkWave has you covered with our comprehensive guide. 

What Is a Price Quote?

A price quote, also known as a service quote or a job quote, is a document that outlines the estimated cost and details of services or products to be provided by a field service business to a client. 

It typically includes a breakdown of services, materials, labor costs, terms and conditions. Price quotes serve as formal proposals that clients consider before deciding to engage in a service agreement. 

Price quotations serve as the initial step in securing a contract or agreement with a client. Creating accurate and professional quotes is essential for not only winning new business but also ensuring transparency and setting clear expectations for both parties involved.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make a Quote

  • Gather information: Collect all necessary details about the client’s requirements, scope of work and specific service needs.
  • Calculate costs: Estimate material costs, labor hours, travel expenses and any other relevant charges.
  • Create a template: Design a standardized quote template that includes company details, client information, service description, costs, terms and conditions.
  • Itemize services: Clearly outline the services offered and the associated costs for each service.
  • Include terms and conditions: Specify payment terms, validity period of the quote, warranties and any special terms relevant to the service.
  • Review and revise: Double-check all details for accuracy and clarity before sending the quote to the client.
  • Send the quote: Deliver the quote to the client via email, mail or a dedicated quoting software for their review.
  • Follow up: Check in with the client to address any questions, negotiate terms and secure approval or adjustments to the quote.

Quote vs. Estimate vs. Invoice: How Do They Differ?

Quote: A quote provides a specific price for services or products based on the information provided by the client. It’s a formal offer that can be accepted to initiate a service agreement.

Estimate: An estimate provides an approximate cost based on preliminary information. It is subject to change based on further evaluation or unforeseen circumstances.

Invoice: An invoice is a bill sent to the client after the services have been provided, detailing the actual costs incurred and requesting payment.

8 Quick Tips for an Efficient Quoting Process

  1. Gather detailed information from the client.
  2. Use standardized templates for consistency and professionalism.
  3. Ensure clarity in the breakdown of costs.
  4. Set a reasonable expiration date for quotes.
  5. Follow up promptly on pending quotes.
  6. Communicate any revisions or updates clearly.
  7. Provide multiple quote options if applicable.
  8. Keep records of all quotes for future reference.

Streamline Your Quoting Process With Service by WorkWave

Service by WorkWave is a powerful field service management software that streamlines the quoting process. It offers:

  • Customizable quote templates for professional and consistent proposals.
  • Automated calculations for accurate cost estimates.
  • Integration with scheduling and invoicing tools for seamless workflow.
  • Real-time tracking of quotes, enabling easy follow-ups and revisions.
  • Centralized data storage for easy access to past quotes and client information.

In conclusion, mastering the art of price quotations is crucial for field service businesses to win contracts, maintain professionalism and build trust with clients. Following a structured approach, leveraging efficient tools like Service by WorkWave and implementing best practices will significantly enhance the quoting process and contribute to the success of your business. Reach out to us to schedule your free demo today!


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