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The world has become a very busy place. We find ourselves in the constant struggle to balance our time and productivity throughout the day. The use of technology, whether mobile, tablet or wearables, has allowed us the freedom to remain connected and productive as we are on the go. We use an expanding list of applications on our devices to help facilitate everything we do from scheduling, using GPS to get around or connecting with friends and family. Your business should be no different.

As the “internet of things” becomes the “internet of smart things”, there are customer expectations that businesses are keeping pace with technology to better serve their needs. Consumers want products or services faster, more efficiently delivered and more conveniently scheduled than ever before.

Every industry vertical is shifting to the use of mobile field service apps to better manage and track their workforce, provide better service to their customers, increase productivity, improve scheduling, create better reporting, along with a more streamlined management of accounting, billing and payments.

This shift allows businesses to be more efficient, more flexible, more reliable while they increase productivity and grow. Companies that have made the shift to using mobile pest control software have found more success than that of their competitors.

Your field service technicians are the forward facing, consumer ambassadors of your business. It’s their work that will provide customer satisfaction and improve revenues for your business. Don’t you want to provide them with the tools to make their work easier and more efficient?

Here are a few reasons why they need a good mobile app:

Go Paperless

While you may be required to keep some paper records for state regulations, going paperless where you can can improve efficiency. Paperwork is something that is not only time consuming, but it can be frustrating for both the technician and the customer. Pen and paper in the field is inefficient and isn’t a secure form for signatures or payments. A good mobile app will allow technicians in the field to access customer information, provide estimates, track time spent on site, scan barcodes, collect payments by credit card and sync in real time with the home office to improve communications. Technicians will save time and be more efficient.

Avoid Miscommunication

Sending your techs into the field with all the right tools and information is key to a great customer experience. Office staff will know where their field technicians are and the status of the job. They can assign or adjust assignments based on availability and proximity. Techs can receive updates to their schedules, job details, contact information and locations. They can also find the most efficient routing to the next scheduled appointment.

Eliminate Redundancy and Improve Communications

All the information from the job site is recorded and transmitted to the office in real time, reducing the chance of errors, incorrect billing, illegible handwriting, lost estimates, etc. The technicians can also access account information and details from previous visits to ensure effective communication with the customer.

Customer Experience

Whether we realize it or not, customers who see companies using the latest technologies perceive them as progressive or innovative. This viewpoint can lead to a higher trust factor. By sending your techs into the field armed with all the latest technology you give your company the best chance to improve customer experience and relationships.

Job Satisfaction

Your technicians are the frontline of your business. Providing them will the tools they need to be successful in the field not only is good for your business, it’s good for their day to day job satisfaction. Mobile pest control software that allows them to answer all of the customers questions, quickly deliver service, provide accurate account information and service history, while arriving on time for scheduled appointments making the entire on site experience better for everyone.

Whether you are a small business looking to grow and compete with the “big guys”, a medium size business in a growth phase looking for better visibility into the business or a large company looking to centralize data between multiple locations, equipping your field technicians with the latest technology will not only help them succeed, but your customers and your entire company will benefit in the process.