Whether you’re the best pest control business, plumber, or lawn care company in town or just starting a cleaning company, not everyone is going to choose you for their home service needs. While you may think you’re doing everything in your power to grow your business, you might be missing the mark on a few key items that will help you succeed. Have you looked at your competition and wondered, what are they doing that we’re not? How do they handle quote pricing? How did they become so successful? Why are we losing our customers to them?

Here’s what they’re actively doing to exceed customer expectations, expand their customer base, retain existing customers, and grow their business.

They Actively Manage & Respond to Their Online Reviews

Gone are the days of advertising on the Yellow Pages. Technology has taken over the way you’ve discovered and perceived. Do a quick Google search of your competitors. Odds are, their business will appear within the search results, along with business reviews on multiple websites. If they have 4+ stars and are actively responding to both negative and positive reviews, they’re doing it right. They’re showing they’re invested in their customers, regardless of whether they’re satisfied or unhappy.

How are you handling your online reviews? Whether it’s a good or bad review, it’s important to actively manage and respond to customer feedback.

They Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Their CSRs answer the phone professionally, can access their account information with ease, and make scheduling service a breeze. They’re using a phone service provider alongside their pest control software to give their office staff instant access to customer information when they call in. They utilize their software’s scheduling feature to find an appointment that meets the customer’s needs and time constraints. Their technicians arrive on time and know what service has to be completed with the help of a mobile app.

Are you giving your staff the resources they need to provide exceptional customer service? When you create a seamless experience for customers – they’ll trust you and your business!

They Leverage Their Existing Customers

They know who their happy customers are and use that to their advantage. They incentivize them to spread the word by giving them money off their next service, a gift card, or swag.

In fact, 84% of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends about products and services – making these recommendations the highest-ranked source for trustworthiness. [Nielsen]

Are you using your happy customers to their full potential? Consider implementing a referral program and watch the numbers grow!

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