When we were named the Top Performer for the 2019 Customer Success Award recently, we challenged ourselves by asking: how do we ensure this extends to all of our 8,000 global customers? In order for us to be everywhere for our customers, we needed to embrace local and trusted Value Added Resellers (VARs) regionally across the world, and we are well on our way.  

WorkWave is becoming the world’s routing and scheduling solution with expansion into 32 countries and 10 languages (from 15 and 6, respectively, just 12 months ago). With this expansion, we are embracing our new mission: 20 in 20 in ‘20. That’s 20 more VARs in 20 countries in 2020.

Recruiting, training, and supporting VARs has become an integral capability to continue to provide the world’s best customer service to our growing international base of customers.

Resellers that Add Value: VARs!

The best Value Added Resellers are local experts in their industry, acting as their customer’s trusted advisor. At WorkWave we take this term very seriously and we emphasize every component of the program.

Value: WorkWave Partners value integrity, value their customers, and value long term relationships

Value Added: WorkWave Partners add additional value on top of the WorkWave solution set. In addition to providing industry expertise, they utilize and extend our technology and the experience they gain through our extensive training.

Value Added Reseller: Our VARs are an extension of our company and while they are reselling our solutions, they are always adding value as a local trusted advisor.

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Community for Our WorkWave VARs

WorkWave’s ecosystem of expert partners share a common goal: to put our customers firmly at the center of everything we do. We seek out partnerships with companies with a track record of putting their customers’ success at the very top of their agenda.

The WorkWave Partner Program provides unmatched industry and technology expertise, as well as systems implementation and consulting services. We recognize and value the important role that partners play in our journey, so we create a path to success with training, support, and resources. 

At the time of writing, WorkWave now has active VARs in Australia, India, Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Don’t see your country? Contact us and we will see if we can help change that!

VARs Help With Local Expertise—A Success Story From the UK

George Bernard Shaw is often quoted as having said, “The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language.” It may be a common language, but I am confident that our “Program” is much better now that we have added a UK “Programme.”  

When we met Alastair Clifford-Jones and his experienced team from Leadent Digital last year, his emphasis on developing expertise and focus on customer success proved to us that we had found the right partner to help us expand across the UK.  While we had traditionally supported customers in the UK from our USA headquarters, it was increasingly important for us to develop increased local expertise. His company is proud to share that 100% of Leadent customers are referenceable, and they are also a proud new partner with global leader IFS. With that track record, we knew we would be successful together.

In no time at all, Leadent took to representing WorkWave with not only their vast industry expertise but also their WorkWave expertise. The UK is now the third largest WorkWave market after the US and Canada, and we look forward to our continued expansion together.

Expansions and Extensions

While we are enormously proud of our out-of-the-box capabilities at WorkWave, we understand that many customers have unique needs.  We arm our VARs with the ability to expand and extend WorkWave solutions to meet their customer’s needs, truly emphasizing the “Value Added” part of our VAR program.  Starting with our open and documented rich set of APIs, our partners develop unique solutions for their customers and the connections to these extensions remain future-proof with our modern platform. VAR-created extensions can be shared across our reseller community, so others can benefit from their innovation. 

As Air Group founder Patrick Conforti has said, our solution “has the ability to customize to exactly how you want it. After 16 years, we have not outgrown any area of the software. That’s just incredible.” Customizations can be embraced with WorkWave, and our partner community is composed of leading innovators when it comes to delivering tailored solutions for our customers.

What’s Next?

If you are a Value Added Reseller in the transportation & logistics, CRM, ERP, or FSM space and you believe you meet the objectives of our program, then the next step in your journey is to contact us to be part of our 20 in 20 in ‘20 initiative.

If you love WorkWave solutions and want to know if there is a recommended VAR in your area, contact us. We would love to introduce you to potential partners to help you reach your full potential.

Just curious? Feel free to contact me directly and let me know your feedback, questions, or comments.


Neil joined the company in 2019 as our VP, Global Channel & Alliances and he brings a wealth of experience in global enterprise sales, channels, and operations. When not at WorkWave, he can be found spending time with his family, enjoying outdoor activities, and around the hockey rink.