WorkWave intensely focuses on the customer onboarding experience because we know it is one of the most crucial milestones in the overall customer success journey. The customer’s experience during onboarding will set the tone for their entire relationship with WorkWave. Adopting a new software platform is a major step for any business and presents a variety of complex challenges. Through hands-on product support and comprehensive online resources, we are equipped to provide our customers with a world class onboarding experience.

What’s new:

Surveys: At WorkWave, our core values include “We Learn and Share” and “Challenge the Status Quo.” We are always looking for ways to provide a superior customer experience. By implementing surveys we can now gather crucial feedback and suggestions from our customers. Based on customer feedback, the onboarding team has already made significant process improvements, training material enhancements, and several staff promotions. By listening to our customers, we’re able to create more efficient processes that reduce training time without sacrificing content or client satisfaction.

Custom experience: WorkWave’s family of field service software isn’t just a powerful business tool for our customers. In many cases, businesses use WorkWave software to run the vast majority of their core business operations. We have carefully fine-tuned the onboarding strategy to increase user engagement and minimize time-to-value. As product enhancements are made to further align with our customer’s needs, so does our onboarding program.

Seamless experience: Nobody likes to be passed from one department to another. Because the onboarding team is only joining you for your initial journey into WorkWave, the routing of your account ownership needs to be seamless. Sales, onboarding, and support have crafted strong relationships that enable us to create seamless transitions between departments. Our recent improvements provide clearer expectations, communication, and guidance so our customers will always know where to go for help.

Creating Value:

Onboarding at WorkWave isn’t merely “training with a smile”, it’s about catering the software experience to align with the customer’s business goals. If a customer walks away happy, but without full mastery of their new software, then they were not successfully onboarded. In most cases, our customers trust WorkWave’s software to manage major parts of their field service business. If the onboarding teams fails to train on any aspect of the software it can result in the customer potentially missing out on significant opportunities.

WorkWave proudly serves anyone from single license owner operators to billion-dollar titans of industry. During our initial communication the onboarding team will seek to understand how you’ll be using the software to achieve your goals. If you’re an owner operator or major franchise we will work to cater your training experience to ensure you’re able to achieve a near immediate ROI and improve profitability.

The most innovative businesses are constantly adapting. As your field service business changes over the years we know your staff may require training refreshes from time to time. We offer a full suite of online resources that enable your staff access to fresh reference materials. If your company requires a fresh series of on-boarding classes or on-site training we can work with you to provide options as well.

The onboarding team is here to help create a seamless transition for our valued customers, making sure they are getting the most value out of our solutions.


Patrick Vázquez serves as WorkWave's Director of Customer Success ensuring our customers have access to the materials they need for ongoing success.