WorkWave PestPac is currently used by a majority of the PCT Top 100 list of pest control companies – some valued in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. After working with many of these large, enterprise-level pest control companies, WorkWave understood that these companies require a different support approach than a single license owner-operator. With this in mind, our company recently developed new teams and initiatives to provide additional layers of support, as many other companies do for their largest customers who require a robust and comprehensive level of engagement to help manage their businesses.

What’s new:

WorkWave’s Customer Success Managers! We recognize that our larger, enterprise or commercial-level customers have incredibly complex projects and much higher volumes of questions, modifications, and feature requests. Navigating these projects and intense volumes of data can be incredibly difficult without an additional layer of continuity. In order to provide enterprise customers with an advocate inside of WorkWave, we’ve created a new team of Customer Success Managers. The Customer Success Managers will help our enterprise customers by handling project management of PestPac environment changes, following up on urgent cases, proactively monitoring aging cases, and acting as an additional escalation path.

Additionally, a Customer Success Manager:

  • Helps you achieve desired outcomes through interactions with WorkWave
  • Lives, eats, and breathes your pest control business with us
  • Seeks to create long-term solutions with measurements for long-term goals
  • Understand who your users are and guide acquisition implementation efforts
  • Follows your lifecycle from any post-contract activity through implementation and support
  • Acts as your advocate bringing forth the voice of the customers to leadership
  • Creates heightened visibility of your needs across internal teams such as support, product, or engineering
  • Proactively and frequently review your WorkWave-related projects or needs
  • Understand how your company utilizes our system and increases engagement in areas least used
  • Takes the sales out of relationship management – is a true partner, making WorkWave more than a vendor

WorkWave has recently announced its redefined focus on customer success, and our customer success managers are at the forefront of enabling us to become even more of a strategic partner to our enterprise-level customers. As you grow, we grow with you and help enable accelerated expansion via this unique partnership with our Customer Success Managers. This is just another area that demonstrates how WorkWave is bringing your business into the latest best practices across industries from a services perspective, to assist pest control professionals in their business journeys.


Steve Hudek is WorkWave’s Vice President of Customer Service, bringing nearly two decades of operations management experience.