Throughout the end of 2018, several exciting enhancements were released for WorkWave Service. This enhanced functionality helps increase efficiency and productivity for technicians while improving the overall customer experience. Read on as we explore some of the updated features added during Q4.

Text Communications and Appointment Confirmations

With over 80 million households in the US using a mobile device for texting in 2018, text messaging is one of the best ways to reach your customers. Communicating with customers via text can also foster a positive reputation for your company, as 64% of consumers report feeling more positive about companies that contact them through text messages. Within WorkWave Service’s Communications Hub, you can now send recurring or one-time text messages to your customers. This allows you to text service reminders, special offers, or invoice communications individually to customers, or in bulk. A history of all text communications can be easily accessed from the customer’s account by viewing the history tab.

Empower Customers with Online Booking

Online booking puts the power in your customers’ hands, allowing them to request service appointments from an easy-to-use online form. Customers use a provided link (hosted on your webpage) and input their contact information, service location, reason for needing service, and the type of service requested. Customers can then choose an open time slot for their requested service.

Timesheets Go Mobile

Using pen-and-paper to track timesheets is a thing of the past – with WorkWave Service,  no longer do you have to keep manually inputting timesheets for every employee. The WorkWave Service mobile app now allows employees to time in, record breaks, and more straight from their mobile devices. This lets managers save time by no longer having to manually input multiple employee timesheets.

The traditional Timesheets feature has also been optimized with new date and time selectors allowing for easier time entry. These improved time selectors can now be found throughout WorkWave Service, including the Reconcile Work Order screen.

Our team is continually making enhancements to existing features and developing new additions based on user feedback. Stay tuned for more product announcements throughout 2019!