Route planners need accuracy whether they are communicating internally, making adjustments, or confirming delivery times with customers. It helps build trust and fosters a great company culture. And while your route plans are just one element to a successful day, they have a big impact!

That’s why at WorkWave we’re focused on creating tools that empower our customers. We’ve learned over the years that an ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold and it’s guided us to build trusted tools that give visibility and control. Whether you’re a team of one vehicle or 1,000 trucks, you understand how one minute can feel like an hour for your customers; or how a one percent increase in efficiency can lead to thousands of dollars saved.

You can now route like never before, becoming more proactive, customer-centric, and precise.

Introducing the new WorkWave Route Manager interface – the all-in-one planning and tracking tool that will help you transform your approach to last mile deliveries.

Here’s what you can expect:

Get real-time insight with just a click

From planning the delivery routes to following your drivers’ live activity, you need to review what’s going on at any given moment. This means confirming locations, delivery completion, or digging into violations. Insight with our new Navigo™ menu tool bar combines route 

planning and GPS tracking details into one view to help you make smarter decisions and eliminate guesswork. It gives you extra reach to replan, empowers users to take action, and connects all the dots together.

Seamless workflows

Move around with ease without having to jump into separate programs or use several windows. Plan, route, track, and analyze with a few clicks and eliminate complicated workflows or aimless clicks. Get down to business and get on with your day.

Create custom views so you can stay focused on the important details

WorkWave Route Manager gives route planners the flexibility needed to power through the day. Not only are you empowered with the ability to drag-and-drop orders or make last minute changes, but you also can create a personal view to easily manage your daily deliveries.

Provide transparency through customer notifications

Provide transparency into arrival times with automated customer notifications and a live tracking link. Based on your defined rules you can send trigger alerts to your customers about important events like imminent driver arrival or if an order needs to be rescheduled. Allow for tracking the last portion of the driver trip in a dedicated dynamic page.

Improve your last mile strategy with the power of route optimization and GPS tracking

If you are looking to improve your workflows, gain real-time insight, and work with more flexibility, Route Manager is the route planning solution built to conquer all of your last mile’s challenges.