In our recent webinar, Tips for Simplifying Your Small Business, we sat down with industry experts Eric Richmond, owner of Ransford Pest Control; and Tyler Gehauf, owner of Integrated Pest Management, to dive into the tips and tricks that they’ve put into action to out-sell and out-perform their local competition.

If you weren’t able to attend, we invite you to watch the webinar recording whenever it’s convenient for you. Read on for a quick overview of the crucial tips Richmond and Gehauf shared with attendees!

Take Advantage of Technology

With the technology available today, PCOs can optimize their processes in ways that go far beyond simply leaving pen-and-paper methods in the dust. By eliminating input errors and opening avenues of communication between field and office staff, the right technology can keep your entire business on the same page and enable you to focus on growing your business.

Beyond just saving time and improving productivity, using technology enables easier partnerships. Whether it’s acquiring new business, filling staffing gaps or onboarding new tools to help you grow even more, staying current with technology sets the stage for future growth and success.

Save Time With Automation

One of the biggest perks that comes with up-to-date technology is the ability to automate manual tasks. To put it simply, if you’re not using automation, it means you’re wasting time that could be better spent servicing your customers.

By automating repetitive tasks like sending customer notifications and payment processing (using card on file and autopay features) and providing customers with self-service options for scheduling service or changing appointments, you free up time for your staff to focus on more demanding tasks while simultaneously setting your business apart from competitors by adding more value for your customers.

Minimize Your Windshield Time

It’s no secret that time spent driving between locations is time not spent servicing your customers, but not every PCO knows that it’s a problem they can solve. By routing more efficiently, you can improve route density to fit more jobs in the same timespan. Using route optimization software achieves exactly this by automatically finding the most efficient routes for your technicians. In fact, PestPac RouteOp users average 20% more jobs per technician — not to mention the countless hours saved by eliminating the need for manual routing.

More efficient routing not only frees up time for technicians to cover more service visits but can also improve their overall performance. By minimizing drive time, route optimization can improve morale, reduce fatigue and help techs stay driven and focused on the job. To dive deeper into how technology can help to simplify your business and position you for growth, watch the webinar or visit today!


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