Of the many channels of communication used to connect with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales, email marketing has been found to be one of the most successful. In a recent article, Hubspot reported that email generates $38 for every $1 spent, making it one of the most effective options available. Not only is email marketing one of the most successful methods of promotion, but it’s also easy to execute for any size operation if done correctly.

Pest control companies that have traditionally used word-of-mouth marketing or direct mail can take advantage of email marketing to help reach their full potential. We’ve compiled some tips to help you accomplish successful and effective email campaigns that will drive success.

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Have a Measurable Goal for Your Email

Email marketing goals should be campaign-specific, customer-centric, and focused on driving more engagement. The value of email marketing is building meaningful relationships with contacts, and your goals should reflect that.

When defining your goals, consider using the S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting process. Set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. For email marketing your goals might include:

  • X% of emails opened vs. sent within the first few hours
  • Y% of click-through rates (how often a specific link was clicked within a specific time period.)
  • The number of sales or the amount of revenue generated as a result of the email.
  • The number of specific actions taken within a certain time period.

While your business goals may change and evolve over time, select goals that best align with the specific objectives of your campaign. 

The Target Audience for This Email Is Clearly Defined

The key to email marketing effectively is to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Flooding the wrong customer or prospect with useless content often results in poor open and click rates and unsubscribes, which increases the chance of having your emails sent directly to the spam folder.

When creating your target audience, first identify who has a need for the content you are sharing, as well as who is most likely to buy it. Consider the demographics, geographical areas, customer type, and size of your audience. Study your data and then create segmented lists for each email campaign.

Once you know more about your audience, it is much easier to figure out what marketing messages will resonate. Sending targeted emails will improve your open and click rates, allow you to save money, and ultimately get more sales and a better ROI. 

The Email Is Written at an Eighth-Grade Reading Level

Your subject line will determine whether customers open your email or delete it. Begin your email with an impactful statement that can resonate with your reader. Your body copy should convey value by connecting your offering and your business to your reader. Give your reader a reason to act – create an offer or a promotion as the core of your email.

Each email should cover only one specific item, task, or request. Use small paragraphs, keeping in mind the short time frame your customers have to go through their emails. Creating emails with subheads, lists, and small bites of information will also increase understanding.

Your layout should look professional, clean, and simple. Ensure your email is designed for mobile and easy to navigate, as 46% of readers access their email on their mobile devices. Your objective is to enable the reader to quickly read and digest your main message and content. 

Personalize the Email to Each Recipient

The more you know about your audience through market research, the better you can tailor your message to meet their needs and solve their problems. Most email marketing campaigns that fail do so because the sender treats every email recipient the same. Content relevancy is key to email marketing success.

Another crucial step is personalizing your email by calling your customer by name, both in the subject line and within the text. The more personal you can get, the easier it is to build trust and get a reaction. This is simple to accomplish using WorkWave’s Marketing Automation software! 

The Call-to-Action Is Clear and Visible

What’s the purpose of sending an email promoting your product if you are not going to call out to your reader to perform a certain action? A successful marketing email must contain a clear call-to-action (CTA). Your CTA can urge readers to complete a variety of actions from clicking on a link to qualify for an offer, to filling out a survey to making a purchase. Further still, you can personalize the offer to your reader. Offer choices for action based on the reader’s persona and interests.

Additionally, take the time to consider what readers will see when they click the CTA. Is your website visually appealing and easy to navigate? Is the page they land on one where they can learn more, contact your team, or schedule service? In just 10 minutes, WorkWave Website Builder can have you up and running with a professional-looking, pest-specific website that gives your customers the right impression.

Send a Test Email to Your Desktop and Mobile Devices

You should always test your email before you send it out to a larger list. Sending test emails helps to ensure that there are no issues before blasting it out. As different email programs display the message differently, send a test email to see how it will appear in your inbox or share a draft campaign with a colleague. 

This is especially important when considering mobile-responsive designs. Mobile opens accounts for about 46% of all email opens. Making sure that your emails are correctly formatted will increase the probability of it being read and acted upon.

Additionally, test emails can help you verify if there are:

  • Broken or incorrect links
  • Spelling or grammar errors
  • Skewed images
  • Missing or irrelevant text
  • Unwanted hyperlinks
  • Ineffective subject lines or preview text

Your best defense is a strong offense when it comes to email marketing. To ensure your email campaign yields the results you are looking for, set goals, define your targets, make your email personal and easy to read, always include a call-to-action, and be sure to test!

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To help get you started crafting effective email campaigns, we’ve created a checklist for you to use each and every time you create an email!


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