The core of any service business is exactly that: providing service. Your pest control business has plenty of moving parts, and delivering top-tier pest control is the foundation they’re all built on. If you’re not providing quality service, nothing else matters.

Providing Top-Notch Service

Out in the field, your technicians are the face of your business. They’re often the only members of your team that your customers see face-to-face, which makes them crucial when it comes to building strong customer relationships.

Even if you’re providing outdoor pest control services while your customers are away from home or off the premises, the quality of the work you provide is what they’ll remember. Ensuring that your team provides the best service possible on every visit reflects well on your business, keeps your customers coming back for more, and can even inspire them to become advocates for your business when it’s time to leave a review or make a recommendation.

Of course, “providing service” is about more than just setting traps or applying materials. Providing service means showing up when you say you will, making informed recommendations on what steps to take, staying up-to-date on a customer’s account, and making it easy for your customers to do business with you.

If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. With the right tools, though, your technicians can accomplish all that and more, setting your business up to rank among the best in pest.

How the Best in Pest Use PestPac to Get More Done

Today’s pest control businesses are coming to recognize the importance of digital tools when it comes to staying organized, operating efficiently, and delivering top-tier customer service, but not just any software that can cover all of your bases in one place. PestPac combines a wide range of features and functionality to ensure your team always has what’s needed to do the best job possible — that’s why seven of the top 10 pest control operations choose PestPac.

Servicing your customers begins in the office, where PestPac makes it easy for your staff to schedule service calls and optimize routes so that your technicians can get where they need to be as efficiently as possible. While this provides the obvious benefits of allowing your team to service up to 20% more customers each day and reducing technician drive times by 30%, it also benefits your customers by enabling you to provide them with reminder notifications and send an alert when your tech is on the way.

On-site, your technicians can use PestPac Forms to provide fillable, signable forms for quotes, estimates, state-mandated forms, and more. This not only helps to get customers up and running quickly but also puts a professional touch on every interaction.

In the thick of things, the PestPac Mobile app is among the most important tools that your technicians can bring to the job. With Mobile Sketch, technicians can mark up photos and maps to denote where materials have been applied, recommendations they’ve made, where traps are placed, and more. This not only helps them to get the job done efficiently but also makes information accessible and easy to interpret when a new technician takes over a job or picks up where someone else left off; nothing falls through the cracks.

Built-in sensing functionality turns your technicians’ mobile devices into scanners for detecting rodent activity in bait stations, otherwise known as smart traps. The time savings associated with scanning smart traps rather than manually checking every trap every time are huge — especially for commercial accounts and larger properties like stores, restaurants, and warehouses. The extra time savings can be used to better inspect and evaluate rodent activity, implement exclusionary measures, or simply enhance account profitability.

Even multi-unit jobs are a breeze when PestPac allows your team to track services and follow-up treatments, capture signatures from individual units or buildings, and view, email, or print summary reports from the field. The same is true for termite services; from WDI/WDO forms to Sentricon integration, PestPac has it all covered in one place.

Payment might take place at the end of a service call, but it’s no less crucial in shaping your customers’ experience — and whether or not they’ll become a recurring customer. By allowing you to take payment however your customers prefer (including methods like credit and debit cards, ACH transfers, digital wallets, checks, payments via SMS text links, and even a dedicated customer portal), PestPac equips you with what you need to ensure your customers are satisfied right up to the last step — and into the next service visit.

This wide range of functionality not only makes PestPac the software that powers the top businesses in the industry but also equips your technicians with the tools they need to provide efficient, professional service to your customers each and every time. To make sure your customers are always left smiling, join the best in pest and get started with PestPac today.

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Paula joined the Marketing team at WorkWave in April 2019. She is currently the Director Product Marketing - Pest, managing all aspects of the product marketing life cycle including campaign development, messaging, promotions, and market research for PestPac, Coalmarch and WorkWave Marketing products. She is dedicated to working closely with the Product, Sales, and other Marketing team members to ensure go-to-market plans and product adoption.