By the WorkWave Channel Partner Team and Voice for Pest

As you’ve probably experienced, one of the most effective ways to establish a lasting connection with anyone, outside of a face-to-face meeting, is with a phone conversation.  Speaking to a live person creates an immediate advantage due to the nature of a two-way conversation along with a personal touch. It’s an opportunity to build a relationship quickly, which is essential to winning over a prospect or even upselling an existing customer.

Unfortunately, most phone systems simply route calls in the order they are received, creating a wait-in-line experience.  This further contributes to the obstacles pest control companies face when trying to quickly and strategically weed through call volume. The perfect solution would be the ability to immediately identify the priority calls (i.e. new sales opportunities) and ensure fast, direct routing to appropriately skilled employees.

Our partner, Voice for Pest, is a progressive pest control focused phone solution provider that alleviates this hurdle by offering the ability to “see” calls and route them appropriately based on their value to your business.  This is a key component of intelligent call routing and a differentiator in the telephony space.

Here are a few key benefits of intelligent call routing and our integration partnership.

The Ability to Seek and Find Clients as They Are Calling In

The PestPac/Voice for Pest partnership enables users to recognize customers by linking call routing to your PestPac database.  We locate customers that are in your database and can send them to specific people or teams who can best handle and nurture your customers as they are ringing in. In addition, the exclusive integration with PestPac allows for screen pop, auto-noting, click-to-call and PCI-compliant call recording.  These features all help to minimize the time spent per call.

Identification and Blocking of Robocalls

Robocalls are a relentless obstacle for today’s businesses and consumers alike. To provide some scope, 5.3 billion robocalls were made in May 2019. Robocalls do not care if you are a person or a business; they are simply programmed to attack. Robocalls are not only a huge distraction, but inhibit your ability to connect to sales opportunities due to their sheer volume. Voice for Pest can prevent robocalls from getting to your staff, opening the pathway for more real business calls.

Type of Call Routing

Your staff answers every call, no matter who it is or what it is about.  Think about how many times your best person is on the phone with someone other than a customer or a sales opportunity. Voice for Pest can route each call based on the type of call coming in. Vendors can be routed to an auto attendant or directory, technicians can be routed to an assigned person, and cold callers can be added to your do not call list — the time saving possibilities are tangible.

Process of Elimination Routing 

We have created specific routing using our ability to read and filter calls based on their value to your business. Not only can we accelerate customers to your team but, by process of elimination, we can identify new business calls, as well. We can hyper connect them to your sales staff, avoiding long hold times and the possibility of losing the opportunity.  This is especially important with calls coming from digital marketing or tracking numbers.By streamlining call answering in the office, you make your pest control business more efficient and enable your staff to dedicate their time to the tasks that grow your business and close more sales. Learn more about how PestPac can help you get the most out of your resources today!


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