There’s no way to avoid it, the busy season is fast approaching for pest control companies across the nation. During the winter lull, some PCOs get their plan in place, while others are operating as if it’s business as usual. If you’re not using your downtime to research pest control software solutions that will help streamline your processes, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Use this time wisely and develop a solid game plan to accommodate the flood of phone calls you’ll receive come busy season by following the steps below:

1. Take Time to Evaluate

Use this time to take a closer look at your operation and the progress you made in the prior year. Evaluate your sales and identify what worked and what can be changed in the future. A software solution with advanced reporting features will allow you to track sales performance, technician productivity, revenue and more. Use this information to build your strategy for the busy season and to knock your sales goals out of the park!

2. Improve Your Processes

In addition to evaluating your performance, it’s key to routinely assess your internal processes, both in the office and in the field. Take this time to talk to your technicians and CSRs, ask them what pain points they experience and what they feel can be improved. Is your office staff overworked? Before rushing to hire additional employees, consider how a pest control software solution may elevate stress and help them accomplish day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

3. Anticipate Growth

Use the data from step one to develop growth projections for the coming year. Carefully consider the amount of contracts sold, calls received and overtime hours worked. This data, when paired with your growth projections will allow you to see if you have the manpower needed to handle the warm-weather rush. If hiring is necessary, make sure to do so before the busy season hits. Training takes time and nothing is worse is than having a surge of new customers and no techs to serve them.

Don’t get left behind this upcoming season! The right pest control software solution will help you hit your goals, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. Ready to get started? Click below to download our Pest Control Software Buyer’s Guide!