Being busy with a constant stream of business is great, but a ‘slow season’ can also be beneficial for your pest control business. The key is to be proactive during this downtime to better prepare for the next busy season, which will arrive before you know it.


The best way to start is by reflecting back on your current season. In doing so, you will uncover areas of your business to focus on in your off-season. Begin by honestly asking yourself a few key questions:

Was there any business practice/process that was a pain point this past season?

  • Ex: Perhaps your technicians were spending too much time idling between jobs.

Has a certain service/product offering become popular in the market that I do not currently offer?

  • Ex. Preventative mosquito spraying has become a very popular residential service.

What is the feedback from my current customer base?

  • Ex. Customers are looking for a more convenient way to pay their invoices.

Is there anything in my current marketing plan that I would like to improve upon for next season?

  • Ex. Facebook has been a strong source of referrals and I want to maximize this opportunity for the next busy season.

The answers to these questions will help direct you towards what your off-season focus should be.

Marketing For Your Pest Control Business

It is important to market to your customer base, even during the winter months. You want to stay top of mind before pest activity begins to pick up in the warmer seasons. It is also a great time to get more people aware of your business by spreading the word about your services before peak season hits again.

Stay social with your customer base all year long by emailing and posting seasonally appropriate tips.

  • Example: During the fall & winter months, store firewood 20 feet away from your home and brush it off before bringing it into your home to keep bugs, spiders and rodents out according to NPMA.

Stay tuned for the second installment in this series, where we will take an in-depth look at marketing during the off-season.

Networking Your Pest Control Business

Use this time to connect with like-minded business owners in your community and industry. Attending conferences and trade shows will provide you with fresh ideas to spark your business. You will also be exposed to:

  • Awareness of new tools & solutions
  • Access to industry experts
  • Best practices from business owners like yourself

Do not waste the ‘offseason’ by resting on your laurels. Instead, use this time to improve your business so success can continue well into the future. Reflecting back on your current season will allow up to find solutions to help your business run smarter and smoother before the next busy season hits.

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