The WorkWave team is growing, so it’s only appropriate that the 2022 Beyond Service User Conference be our biggest and best event ever! Of course, we wouldn’t be able to make this next-level event a reality without the help of our incredible sponsors, who include some of the leading names across field service.

Presenting Sponsors

Greene County Fertilizer Company

Greene County Fertilizer Company manufactures and supplies soil amending fertilizers and specialty fertility products for liquid lawn care, garden, turf care, trees and agricultural use, humic acid, N-Ext™ brand, private label fertilizer products, custom blended programs and select DIY product packages. Greene County Fertilizer Company is a distributor of Lawn and Ornamental pest control products.

Greene County Fertilizer Company operates in their 30,000-sq. ft. manufacturing plant/corporate headquarters in Greensboro, GA, and has locations in Orlando, FL, and Salt Lake City, UT. Greene County Fertilizer Company’s bio-based fertilizers & specialty fertility products are blended to feed plants, improve soil fertility and build topsoil.

Platinum Sponsors


Corteva Agriscience is dedicated to keeping pests where they belong: out. Whether they’re as tiny as a termite or as big as a rat, pests in residential and commercial buildings pose a threat to building safety and public health. Corteva Agriscience delivers the trusted solutions pest management professionals need to give their clients peace of mind and build a thriving business. The most successful pest control starts with understanding each pest’s behavior and then developing solutions that prey on those behaviors for successful pest management. That’s what makes our products lead the industry—extensive research, innovative control approaches and the training and support to ensure results.

Voice for Pest & Voice for Turf

Our family of brands includes Voice for Pest, Voice for Pros, and Voice for Turf all under Affiliated Technology Solutions. We design and implement unparalleled integrated voice solutions for any size business from coast to coast. Our integrations and advanced features have led us into many vertical markets, making us the only provider to offer specific phone solutions for the Pest, Lawn, and Home Services industries.

Gold Sponsors


Are you looking for ways you can improve driver safety and reduce the frequency and cost of accidents in your fleet? Azuga is focused on how GPS and dashcam technology with AI has advanced to allow real-time driver behavior monitoring that can reduce risk, improve productivity, and reduce the cost of commercial auto insurance premiums.

Billy Goat

Billy Goat is the premier manufacturer of specialty turf products with a reputation for innovation, productivity and quality. Billy Goat features a complete line of product solutions for residential, commercial and municipal needs serving rental, contractor and retail markets.

Branch Creek

Branch Creek Lawns are beautiful, affordable lawns achieved by regenerative growing, a low/no chemical approach to restoring soil health. Soil beneath the average American lawn is so depleted by toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, it now depends on them to support growth. The Branch Creek Regenerative Turf System® stops this cycle. By replacing go-to fertilizers and pesticides with fewer and safer alternatives, soil’s natural growth functions are restored. Bonus: regenerative growing combats global warming by pulling carbon from the atmosphere and putting it back into soil, where it belongs. Branch Creek Lawns are the lawns Mother Nature intended: green, non-toxic, beautiful.

Steel Green Manufacturing

Steel Green Manufacturing is an employee-owned business building zero-turn spreaders and sprayers in Lebanon, IN. With over 100 years of combined experience in the landscape equipment industry, our team understands the needs of lawn care operators and we’re proud to build equipment with them in mind.

Turfco Direct

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Turfco Manufacturing has been a leader in turf maintenance for the golf, sports and lawn care industries since 1919. Being in the same industry for over 100 years is an achievement few family businesses can claim. From our grandfather who started National Mower Company in 1919, to the third generation Kinkead executives who run Turfco today, the Kinkead/Turfco ‘family’ acknowledges the privilege it is to be a part of the ever-changing commercial lawn care and landscape industry.


We at Turfware have been in the lawn care industry since 1975. When the first ride-on spreader was introduced, we saw the potential to reduce wear and tear on our employees and increase productivity. Due to disappointment with the machines we purchased for our business, in 2006 we began development of our own ride-on spreader. Our shop features state-of-the-art equipment for laser cutting, machining, forming and fabrication in addition to thermoforming of hopper lids.

Silver Sponsors

American Profit Recovery

American Profit Recovery is a collection agency that is guided by values. These values of treating everyone with dignity and respect, as well as resolving debt and not just collecting debt, are principles that have steered our ship from day one of opening our doors. We believe strongly that your business relationships are preserved when you can show your customer that no matter what, you understand their individual situation and can work with them when they need it most.

A.R.M. Solutions

A.R.M. Solutions is an award-winning, industry-leading full service collection agency providing custom debt recovery solutions for companies of all sizes in the pest industry. For over a decade, we have delivered the most cost effective and diplomatic programs to maximize recovery rates, retain valued customers and lower the overall cost of collecting on past due accounts. We are the chosen exclusive collection agency of the NPMA and integrate seamlessly with PestPac.

Bell Sensing Technologies

An exclusive manufacturer of rodent control products, Bell Laboratories produces the highest quality rodenticides and other rodent control products available to the pest control and agricultural industries on six continents. Bell has developed a complete line of products—rodenticides, tamper-resistant bait stations, iQ sensing for bait stations and traps, non-poisonous glue boards, mechanical traps and attractants—to control rodents in any situation, making Bell The World Leader in Rodent Control Technology®.

Brother Mobile Solutions

Brother Mobile Solutions offers a wide range of mobile printing and desktop labeling solutions to improve performance and efficiency across multiple industries. With custom engineering, cutting-edge technology and expert support, Brother delivers the latest thermal printing technology and trusted, reliable designs to suit virtually any market need.

Green Group

Green Group is a national company that backs the best local brands in the green industry. We enable local businesses to continue to deliver the same top-quality service and expertise they always have, backed by the support and management of our national team. We’re incorporating technology to improve processes, while our main focus is on investing in people. We believe the happiest employees provide the best service and our goal is to offer our teams long-term sustainable career paths doing what they love.


Linxup, the best Global Positioning System (GPS) and dash cam solution for fleets and commercial vehicles. Linxup is more than just GPS. It allows business owners to analyze the road and driver behavior in real-time. Use alerts, actionable insights and video recordings to improve driver safety and lower fleet costs.

Linxup is the perfect solution for companies with small or midsize fleets. This innovative software is more than a GPS system. It allows companies to simplify vehicle management by providing insight into vehicle fuel cost, use and maintenance, among other sophisticated features.


Established more than 100 years ago, Nufarm is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plant protection in the world. As a top supplier to the US turf and ornamental market, Nufarm strives to offer a solution for every challenge from innovations such as Anuew™ to go-to products such as Pinpoint®, Traction™, Sure Power®, Celero®, Escalade® 2, Arena®, Millennium Ultra® 2, Spirato® GHN and the 3336® brand family. As the manufacturing landscape changes, Nufarm is expanding to bring innovation and choice to distributors, retailers and the professionals they serve.

Project EverGreen

Project EverGreen is a national non-profit organization committed to helping people like you work together to create healthy green space. We do this through GreenCare for Community initiatives that revitalize parks and public green spaces, and through the GreenCare for Troops program that mobilizes lawn and landscape services for military families.

Select Insurance Agency

Select Insurance Agency is a family-owned and operated business that provides insurance products specifically tailored to meet the risk management needs of the pest management industry in over 38 states nationwide. We use highly rated carriers and typically provide general and professional liability, automobile & fleet coverages, workers’ compensation, umbrella liability, commercial property including equipment, employment practices liability, cyber-liability, commercial crime, canine mortality and mold liability policies. Select considers each pest management business individually before developing an insurance program and assigning the appropriate carriers.

Spectrum Analytic

Everyone admires a beautiful lawn. The first step in achieving one is soil-testing to determine the proper nutrient program for maximum turf-building. Samples should be taken from several areas of the lawn, especially if they vary substantially in drainage, soil type, or other characteristics. This simple, low-cost analysis will mean a more luxurious lawn. Soil testing is the best scientific method available to evaluate the nutritional status of the soil. Nutrient stresses and imbalances can reduce plant vigor, which increases the plant’s susceptibility to damage from drought, disease, insects and other conditions. That is why soil testing with Spectrum Analytic is so important.

Target Specialty Products

Target Specialty Products is committed to empowering customers to grow their business by offering a new and convenient digital customer experience with easy accessibility to a broad product selection and exclusive savings, resulting in streamlining operations, improving efficiency and enhancing their profitability.

Thanks to our industry-leading sponsors, we’re looking forward to the 2022 WorkWave Beyond Service User Conference being our biggest and best event to date. See you in Florida!


Casey is the Events Manager at WorkWave and oversees our involvement in all third-party trade shows, industry conferences, and internal webinars. Casey is passionate about planning and marketing, especially identifying new ways to streamline and deliver unforgettable event experiences.