Finding innovative ways to attract and retain customers in the home service industry is crucial. One effective strategy that’s been gaining traction is price bundling. Also known as packaged pricing, this strategy involves bundling various services together and charging one price. Bundled services are usually cheaper than if customers were to purchase each service individually. If done correctly, this technique is a great way to upsell more services and boost your profits.

Why Does Bundle Pricing Really Work? 

The bundled pricing model works for several reasons, and businesses across various industries are currently using it to their advantage. Here’s why: Bundled pricing simplifies the purchasing process for customers. This simplicity makes it easier for customers to understand and compare offerings. It not only offers convenience to your customers, but it also creates cross-sell opportunities, operational efficiency, promotional tools and competitive advantage for you

Here are seven tips to help home service businesses leverage the potential of price bundling to boost revenue, enhance the customer experience and more.

1. Understand Your Customers’ Needs

Before diving into price bundling, it’s essential to have a deep understanding of your customer base. Data indicates that companies investing in customer understanding strategies see a 35% increase in customer retention. What are their most common needs? Which services are frequently requested together? By identifying these patterns, you can tailor your bundles to align with your customers’ preferences, increasing the perceived value.

2. Create Clear and Appealing Bundles

Businesses leveraging bundled pricing witness a 25% boost in cross-selling opportunities. Clearly outline what each bundle includes, making it easy for customers to see the value they’re receiving. Use attractive and persuasive language to highlight the benefits of choosing a bundle over individual services. Consider naming your bundles creatively to make them memorable.

3. Offer Genuine Discounts

Customers are savvy and can quickly recognize inflated prices disguised as discounts. Studies demonstrate that transparent pricing increases customer trust by 30%, resulting in a 25% rise in repeat business. Ensure that your bundled pricing genuinely offers a discount compared to purchasing each service separately.  Transparent pricing builds trust and encourages customers to take advantage of the bundled offerings.

4. Personalize for Different Customer Segments

Not all customers have the same needs or budgets. Companies that excel at personalization generate 40% more revenue from those activities than average players. Consider creating different bundles to cater to various customer segments. For example, a basic bundle for cost-conscious customers and a premium bundle for those looking for a more comprehensive package. This approach allows you to appeal to a broader audience.

5. Promote Seasonal or Time-Limited Bundles

Create a sense of urgency and excitement by offering seasonal or time-limited bundles.  Time-limited bundles lead to a 28% higher conversion rate, and seasonal offers contribute to a 20% increase in customer engagement. Whether it’s a summer home maintenance package or a winter insulation special, limited-time offers can prompt customers to act quickly, driving sales and increasing customer engagement.

6. Bundle with Upselling in Mind

Strategically design bundles that include both essential services and premium add-ons. This encourages customers to opt for the more comprehensive package, thereby increasing the average transaction value. Businesses incorporating premium add-ons report a 30% increase in average transaction value. Upselling within bundles can significantly impact your overall revenue As Dave Moerman of Revive Washing notes:

“Our house washing package is our most requested and most profitable service. This is a full soft wash of siding, windows and gutters. Homeowners like this package because it takes care of all services with one detailed visit…For our crew to be profitable, we have to do a certain amount of revenue per day. Small jobs are okay to slot in, but we like to have a good-size house wash for each crew for each day. From a profitability perspective, it’s much better.”

7. Solicit Customer Feedback and Adjust Accordingly

Companies responsive to customer feedback experience a 20% improvement in customer satisfaction and are 15% more likely to enjoy repeat business. Understand what worked well and what could be improved, and use this information to refine your bundles, ensuring they continue to meet customer expectations and preferences. Being responsive to customer feedback fosters a positive relationship and can lead to repeat business.


Price bundling is a powerful tool for home service businesses seeking to stand out in a crowded market. Research indicates that businesses with bundled offerings are 20% more likely to outperform competitors in terms of market share and customer loyalty. By understanding your customers, creating appealing bundles, offering genuine discounts, customizing for different segments, promoting time-limited offers, incorporating upselling, and adapting based on feedback, you can unlock the full potential of price bundling. Implementing these tips, along with the right field service software, will not only enhance customer satisfaction but also contribute to the sustained success of your home service business.


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