When thinking of a lawn care business, it’s easy to immediately visualize workers in the field – however, the staff back at the office are equally as vital to keeping the business running smoothly. This is especially true when just starting a lawn care business since the field & back office roles overlap as you ramp up. These unsung heroes are on the front lines of answering customer calls, responding to inquiries, and ensuring that field employees are dispatched quickly and efficiently. Scheduling, planning, and recording can be daunting tasks for office managers, especially without powerful software to make the job easier. The solution? Lawn care software like WorkWave Service, allows users to not only take control of their workday but also the business as a whole. Billing customers, monitoring revenue, and analyzing service delivery have never been easier. Tasks that used to be monotonous can now be managed with just a few clicks. Not convinced your lawn service’s back office needs field service software? Here are three ways software can make your team more efficient and profitable.

Less Paperwork, More Productivity

Save hours in your day and eliminate needless paperwork by moving all business information into Workwave Service. With everything in one easily accessible location, employees won’t have to sift through piles of paperwork to find customer or service documentation. Locate billing and invoice information, track your dispatched vehicles, create and edit weekly schedules, and contact customers in real-time all in a few clicks. When you’re not spending time doing bookkeeping, you’ll be able to make sure your field workers are arriving to appointments on time and that you’re delivering best-in-class customer service. Never miss a beat, your team and customers will thank you.

Route Optimization

Get to the job faster by using route optimization software instead of playing the guessing game. Skip predicting when your workers have to leave to beat rush hour traffic – WorkWave Service finds the most efficient travel routes to ensure teams get to the job on time. Not only will your workers reduce drive time by 25%, but they will also save on gas by over 10%. Your drivers won’t be retracing their steps from job to job, which allows additional appointments to be scheduled each day. In fact, by using WorkWave Service’s Route Optimization, service businesses can complete an average of 21% more scheduled jobs. Why waste time manually planning out routes when Route Optimization can do it for you in a matter of seconds?  

Generate More Customers and Boost your Business

According to a WorkWave consumer market study, 33% of customers hire their service provider through a referral, so it’s no surprise that customer reviews and referrals are extremely important to service businesses. WorkWave Service allows you to request evaluations from customers after a job is completed to receive feedback to help better your service in the future. Grow a digital presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Google and respond to customer reviews to stay active online. After all, the more your business is present online, the more prospects will find you, and the more leads you’ll generate.

WorkWave Service Can Help

Just because the back office isn’t onsite with customers doesn’t mean the team isn’t an integral part of a lawn service business. What goes on behind the curtain has a huge impact on the future of your business. You can work smarter and more efficiently with an easy-to-use field service software solution.

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