Today, smartphones are everywhere; they’re with everyone at every time. Because of this, businesses have a direct line of communication with their customers and can easily deliver information when they want it and how they want it.

Text messages have the most impact. In fact, the average person will both read and respond to 95% of their text messages. This is where businesses can capitalize on convenience, while also accelerating their cash flow. With SMS Payments for WorkWave PestPac, pest control companies can exceed customer expectations by automating payment requests via text.

How Do SMS Payments Work?

In PestPac, SMS Payments is directly integrated into the software and powered by the payment processing functionality of WorkWave Payments. Once a customer has a card stored on file within PestPac, businesses are able to make real-time payment requests via text when an invoice is created and track successful payments right within PestPac.

The Value of SMS Payments

1. It’s Convenient & Contactless

Market research continues to show an increasing trend in consumers preferring to engage with businesses on their own terms. This means that businesses need to be able to offer flexible options to meet customer demand, such as SMS Payments.

By giving customers the flexible options they expect, businesses are empowering customers to pay on-the-spot. And by keeping the transaction in text format, customers no longer need to remember passwords, download additional apps, or click through to external websites to make a payment. To authorize a payment, a customer simply responds with the last four digits of their mobile number and the payment is quickly authorized.

Further, text messages are 100% contactless by design, making SMS Payments a relevant and safe way customers can make sure they pay you on time without added concern during unprecedented events, such as pandemics.

2. It’s Secure

Since SMS Payments pulls from the customer’s payment information securely stored on file within PestPac, no confidential information is shared during the payment request via text; it’s because of this that SMS Payments is fully PCI DSS compliant and meets the industry’s high standards of security. 

3. It’s Fast

Once a customer authorizes payment by confirming the last four digits of their mobile number, the payment is processed in 5 seconds—that’s less time than it takes to check a notification on a smartphone! And in the blink of an eye, the customer will receive a payment confirmation text in the same chain informing them that their payment was successful; no emailed receipts and no additional phone calls to the back office—it’s that easy.

For businesses, the payoff is even greater. Because requests sent by SMS Payments are so seamless, 65% of text requests are paid on the first request and 95% of customers will pay early or on time via text. That translates to fewer resources spent on tracking down receivables and more profit for your business.

Accelerate Your Cash Flow!

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Alyssa Gray joined the WorkWave team in 2018 as our cross-functional Product Marketing Associate; a role which spanned across our WorkWave PestPac, Service and Route Manager products. Today, she serves as our resident Payments Product Marketing Manager and has been involved with all things WorkWave Payments since its launch in 2019.