When I joined WorkWave back in 2008 (which was at that time called Marathon Data Systems), I had a vision of building a next-generation cloud-based, end-to-end suite of business management software solutions tailored by vertical, that would help pest control, cleaning, lawn care, HVAC and other field service and logistics companies of all needs, sizes, industries and geographies transform the way that they operate – in order to improve back office efficiencies, increase field productivity and visibility, and enhance marketing, sales, and customer service.

Since that time, we have grown quickly – expanding our portfolio from PestPac, to adding Route Management & GPS, Lead Management & Marketing Automation, ContactUs marketing services, ServiceCEO, QXPress, and most recently, introducing WorkWave Service. That is certainly a testament to the tremendous desire and need for field service and logistics companies to drive down costs, increase revenues and provide better customer experiences.

That is why that I am so excited about our agreement to be acquired by IFS, a leading global enterprise applications company focused on service management. Combined, we will offer the most complete, connected set of solutions for service management companies – spanning the entire spectrum of operations – regardless of size, complexity, vertical-focus or geography.

We consider this to be a BIG win for everyone involved — our clients, our partners, our employees and the market overall. We share a common mission in the way that we put our customers first, take care of our employees, and build best-in-class products and services that drive improved business performance.

From a WorkWave perspective, we will continue our singular focus on providing best-in-class products and services that help pest control, cleaning, lawn care, HVAC, and other field service and last mile logistics companies save time and money while fueling growth. As a standalone division of IFS, we will have access to the financial resources, global footprint, and scale of a larger organization to strengthen our capabilities, while retaining the solutions and entrepreneurial team that serve our target markets. Essentially, we can continue focusing solely on our customers but do it with a level of resources far in excess of what we have access to, and, certainly much more than what any of our competitors have today.

IFS is a recognized leader in providing powerful software applications to the service industry so they understand what it takes to build, scale and grow a software business like ours in a way family or private equity owned businesses can’t. With IFS, our goal is to accelerate the investment in our products, our team and our processes to further enhance the solutions and services our clients receive. We are dedicated to helping companies improve business performance by offering ever-expanding, innovative end-to-end solutions in field service and last mile logistics.

Together with IFS, we are uniquely positioned to better serve the needs of service management companies than anyone else, anywhere in the world.

We are excited to work with IFS, our clients and partners as we revolutionize the future of service management software.

Chris Sullens

CEO, WorkWave


WorkWave helps mobile workforce companies in the field service, transportation and logistics industries mitigate the key pain points they face every day. This allows them to save money, save time and improve customer service, all at the same time.