WorkWave hasn’t always had a Learning & Development (L&D) team. Traditionally, like many companies, this functional area was combined with a multitude of other activities under the Onboarding team. With the evolving landscape and recognition that customers (and our own employees!) need robust resources to help them recognize the value of our solutions sooner, we created a new team: L&D.

Our team is staffed with current employees who are already embedded in our customer and employee needs and requirements. We come from Support, Onboarding and Business Operations, with WorkWave experience varying from three months to seven years. Our experience includes support management, training delivery (corporate and academic), instructional design, onboarding coordination and management, business analysis and project management. One thing we all possess is a passion to promote a culture of learning throughout our organization and in support of our customers. Our experience and our ability to capitalize on the positive relationships we’ve built across WorkWave and with our customers enable us to accomplish even more!

What’s New and Exciting?

Internal/external knowledge base: How can we do a better job at enabling your success? Customers require on-demand access to knowledge 24/7/365 to keep their businesses operating at maximum efficiency. Our employees require the same knowledge access to support our customers in growing their businesses. Recognizing those needs, the L&D Team is building an internal knowledge base across all WorkWave products that will provide our employees with instant access to the information we already have, but that currently exists throughout the organization. By shaping that content and ensuring consistent messaging, we will leverage the same knowledge base for our customers, with access to specific topics and recommendations that are all created with your needs in mind. Have a question? Search the knowledge base and keep your business moving!

Updated training resources: One of the best ways to promote continued learning and growth is to offer the most up-to-date resources in a variety of ways. We all have preferences, and we want to make sure we accommodate those choices as much as possible. Like to read? Check out our evolving training guides and step-by-step instructions. Prefer watching videos? Take a look at our live and on-demand webinars as well as our short tutorials. Need some in-app help? Stay tuned for our newly-designed Info Center full of checklists, walkthroughs, and explanations. We’re taking every opportunity to get information to you in the ways that you need it, so that you can help your new hires hit the ground running while also expanding your own body of knowledge.

Internal/external certification programs: The L&D team is hard at work on multiple initiatives, and one of our biggest initiatives (and part of our longer-term plan) is to provide formalized training with certifications you can leverage for success in your industry. Many software companies have implemented certification programs to enable the success of their customers and their own employees, and now it’s our turn. WorkWave knows the value of good software education, and we also know that a certification can be a great way to advertise the expertise of yourself, your employees, and your business. We’re taking our time and doing it the right way, partnering across our own organization and with customers, to bring this value-add to you.

How Does L&D Help Increase the Value of Your Investment?

We love that our customers put their trust in our solutions and our people to help them run their businesses and take them to the next level. Through the planning and execution of every task, project, or program, we challenge ourselves to step into the role of the learner and honestly evaluate whether what we’re doing will make our customers more successful.

Research shows that strategic planning and providing time for proactive training increases utilization of a software platform. Keeping that in mind, our L&D team is constantly asking: How does every initiative in which we invest help our customers realize the value of their own investment? Our customers ask for flexibility, opportunities, education, and growth. As we work to build and roll out these solutions, from our knowledge base to training materials to certifications, we focus on live and on-demand solutions, varied delivery methods, continuous learning, and your business evolution. Better educated software users allow you to tap into the power of our solutions so that you can achieve your professional goals.

Stay tuned to hear more about how our customers are already seeing a return on investment with WorkWave’s role as Success Partner!


As WorkWave’s Senior Manager of Learning and Development, Rachel Tomcsik oversees all Learning and Development related initiatives, focusing on training resources and certification programs.