Termite Service Email Template

Help your customers recognize signs of a termite problem and ensure that your pest control business is at the top of their list for termite services.

Dear [Customer Name],

Termite season is here, and swarms of termites could be settling in right under your nose. By learning how to spot swarms early on, you can get the professional help you need before these notorious pests have a chance to cause costly damage to your home and property.

So what should you look for to spot termites early? Keep an eye out for:

  • Swarms of flying insects that look like winged ants, especially near sources of wood, like tree stumps.
  • Mud tubes on or near the exterior of your home, especially on the foundation. These earth-colored trails help termites to travel and are sometimes mistaken for stains or water damage.
  • Sinking or raised tile or floorboards, which is often a sign of hidden termite damage.

[Include an image, if you have one available; have your technicians use their smartphones to capture some, if you don’t]

If any of these signs sound familiar, or if you’re not positive, our pest experts are happy to take a look and check for signs of termites or damage that they may be causing. Don’t hesitate to contact us online [Contact Link] or to give us a call at [Phone Number] today for the professional help you deserve.

We’re here to help.

[Company Name] Team

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