Case Study

Termio Pest Control

As Termio Pest worked to expand into new regions and service more customers, Director of Finance Katie Wood became aware of time and revenue being lost during the payment process — especially when larger billing cycles included upwards of 200 declined payments due to outdated customer payment information. See how Termio Pest was able to streamline their payment processes and reduce declined payments by 80% with WorkWave Payments.

Services Provided

Pest, rodent & termite control

Areas Served

The greater Dallas, Houston & Phoenix areas

WorkWave Solutions

PestPac, WorkWave Payments

The Problem

As a growing pest control business serving multiple states, Termio Pest recognized the importance of relying on integration as they scaled. Katie Wood, Termio Pest’s director of finance, notes that processing payments externally and bringing the information over to PestPac manually would not only waste time but also create potential for errors.

One area where the potential for time savings and error reduction was evident was Termio Pest’s accounts receivable. Each month, they would pull a list of customer cards set to expire the following month and send out emails asking customers to update their payment details. In addition to taking up a wealth of time, this process was ineffective; the business was still seeing between 200-280 declined payments during the larger billing cycles each month.

How WorkWave Payments Made the Difference

Right away, WorkWave Payments proved the value of integration.

“Having everything integrated into PestPac is huge. We can’t imagine not having things integrated. Especially as we grow and the scale on which we do things — I can’t even imagine,” says Wood.

The savings of having WorkWave Payments integrated into PestPac goes beyond just the labor associated with manual processing. With hundreds of declined cards each month, Termio Pest wasn’t reaping the full benefits of having 91% of their customers set up with auto-pay — until they started using WorkWave Payments’ Account Updater feature. According to Wood, this made a major impact on cash flow.

Having that auto-pay and monthly billing… that has been a game changer.

Since using Account Updater to its full capabilities, Termio Pest has seen an 80% reduction in declined payments due to expired cards. In Termio’s case, this equated to approximately $275,000 in uninterrupted cash flow.

“[Integration] changes the very nature of how we do anything with our payments. It just saves so much time and a lot of human error.”

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