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Mattress Mart

Mattress Mart has been one of Canada’s best-selling mattress companies since its doors opened in 1975. Delivering to areas across Ontario and the Maritimes, with approximately 80-90 driver stops per day, it became increasingly complex to plan their routes manually. It was time to implement a more comprehensive solution to streamline their operations and enhance their services.

Founded: 1975

Services Provided

Highest quality mattresses on the local market

Areas Served

Ontario and Maritimes, Canada

WorkWave Solutions


About Mattress Mart

Mattress Mart has been one of Canada’s bestselling mattress companies since its doors opened in 1975. Proud to be locally owned and operated, they run eight locations in Ontario and two locations in the Maritimes. Their buyers have over 100 years combined experience which consistently results in choosing the highest quality mattresses from top manufacturers around the world.

RouteManager is very easy to use and it has improved our customer service and saved us time and money.

The Challenge

Before implementing RouteManager for their mattress deliveries, Mattress Mart faced a series of challenges that significantly impacted their efficiency and customer satisfaction. The following points highlighted their pressing need for a comprehensive solution to streamline their operations and enhance their services.

Deliveries and Route Planning

With an average of 40-80 stops per day, manually planning delivery routes became increasingly complex. The lack of an automated route planning system hindered their ability to meet delivery time windows and maximize delivery density.

It’s nice having the GPS right there connected to the route in the Driver Mobile App — everything is at the touch of a button.

Customer Communication

Connecting with customers and keeping them informed about their delivery statuses was both a goal and a challenge for Mattress Mart. They relied heavily on manual communication methods, such as phone calls each day. This made it difficult to maintain real-time updates and left room for miscommunication. The absence of a streamlined communication channel, especially through text messages, hindered their ability to provide customers with accurate delivery times and updates.

Multifaceted Delivery Model

The company’s delivery model, involving both drop-offs and pickups (including pickups at retail locations), added complexity to their operations. Coordinating these two different types of services without a unified system made it difficult to manage schedules, allocate resources efficiently, and balance delivery and pickup demands effectively.

Volume of Deliveries and Retailer Servicing

With a high volume of daily deliveries and servicing nine retailers, Mattress Mart needed to maintain a consistent level of service quality. It was challenging to allocate resources effectively, monitor inventory levels, and ensure timely deliveries to retailers without a more automated system.

Transition to Digital Processes

While the company recognized the benefits of going paperless, it faced resistance to transitioning to a more digital process in certain areas — like loading its fleet. Reliance on paper-based systems often adds an administrative burden and hinders their progress toward total operational efficiency. In light of these challenges, implementing the right routing software became imperative.

The Solution

The implementation of RouteManager has brought transformative solutions to Mattress Mart’s delivery challenges. It has helped them improve daily operations, customer experience, overall efficiency, and more.

Transparency and Improved Customer Experience

One of the most significant benefits of RouteManager is the transparency it allows Mattress Mart to provide to their customers. It has completely taken the guessing game out of delivery time windows, and customers are always sent automatic status updates throughout the delivery process. Customers appreciate the enhanced user experience of receiving timely updates.

What you guys have [RouteManager] is better than Amazon because it gives a two-hour time window and customers get another notice when the driver is about 20 minutes away.”

Efficient and Automated Route Planning

With RouteManager, Mattress Mart’s route planning shifted from manual processes to efficient automation. Instead of connecting the dots and manually creating routes, the software’s route optimization algorithm streamlines the entire process. While there was an adjustment period in adopting this new automated approach, the “Build Routes” button quickly became an incredibly valuable tool.

Reduced Operational Overhead

RouteManager’s automated communication and route planning significantly and consistently lighten the team’s workload. Customers receive text messages and emails about their order statuses and delivery times, which leads to fewer customer inquiries and calls. This allows the operations team to focus on more valuable and productive tasks and reduces overhead costs, leading to improved resource allocation and cost savings.

Enhanced Driver Experience

The company’s drivers benefited from the implementation of RouteManager’s mobile app. The app seamlessly integrates with the GPS and route map, offering accurate navigation and route guidance. The user-friendly interface of the app makes it easy for drivers to access route information, follow directions, and efficiently complete deliveries.

Minimal Need for Manual Intervention

Once the routes are set in the morning, the company finds that minimal adjustments are necessary. However, if any changes are needed, RouteManager makes it straightforward to modify routes as required. This reduces the need for manual intervention, allowing the team to rely more on the software’s automation capabilities.

Partnering with RouteManager has facilitated an environment where Mattress Mart can continue to scale up their operations efficiently and effectively. The software enables seamless integration of additional vehicles and routes, and the benefits of transparency, efficient route planning, automated communication, reduced overhead, and more collectively contribute to a more streamlined, customer-centric, and cost-effective delivery process.

The Results

  • Automated text messages with accurate time windows
  • Allows them to make an extra 5-10 stops per day
  • An overall improvement in customer satisfaction

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