Case Study

Blue Beetle Pest Control

When CFO, Nina Beebe for Blue Beetle Pest Control recognized the business couldn’t expect improvement without reliable reporting and insight, she turned to PestPac. Blue Beetle Pest Control was in need of software that would help measure and manage business performance accurately.

PestPac Report Writer has taken what used to be “a big headache” to a streamlined process making it easy to manage business metrics. From accurate reporting to help cut down on windshield time, PestPac has redefined Blue Beetle Pest Control’s operations both in the field and back at the office.

Founded: 2003

Services Provided

Residential and commercial pest control

Areas Served

Kansas City metropolitan area

WorkWave Solutions

PestPac, WorkWave Payments, Coalmarch

The Problem

Staying on top of data is crucial when it comes to driving smarter business decisions for a pest control operation of any level. As CFO for Blue Beetle Pest Control, Nina Beebe recognized the need for a better way to measure and manage business performance.

For Beebe, this meant finding a way to consistently access clean, understandable data and accurate reporting. She saw that they were unable to track cancellations and monitor rescheduling, leading to a number of callbacks. Customer service agents were forced to deal with dropped and missed calls, making it increasingly difficult for their operations manager to impact the quality of customer service.

On top of this, Blue Beetle struggled to identify how much they were really earning — particularly in terms of technician productivity.

The company quickly recognized that they couldn’t expect improvement without reliable reporting and insight into the root causes of productivity or customer service issues, which led them to PestPac by WorkWave.

The Solution

Beebe’s responsibilities as CFO include much of the company’s reporting, giving her firsthand insight into the difference PestPac has made for the company. She notes that before PestPac, reporting was “a big headache.”

By cleaning their data, PestPac has changed the way they report on business performance. In addition to basic reports, Beebe has used PestPac Report Writer to “revitalize everything… and create reports that I couldn’t create anywhere else.”

“I can report on daily numbers. I can report on past numbers. We can drill into anything, whether it’s a service, a type of target pest, technicians, their routing, their duration times at a specific location — anything you could possibly ask for, it’s there.”

Since using RouteOp, our drive times are between 5-15 minutes

Thanks to PestPac, the company is able to better track customers, cancellations, and reschedules, as well as provide better routing for their technicians using RouteOp.

“Prior to using RouteOp, our average time per stop was well over 30 minutes; probably averaging between 30-45 minutes to an hour. Since using [RouteOp], our drive times are between 5-15 minutes and the technicians’ hourly billing rate went from $110, sometimes barely $100, and now we’re well over $150.”

Blue Beetle has also streamlined customer relationships and marketing thanks to WorkWave’s dedicated marketing solution, Coalmarch. “Because of Coalmarch,” says Beebe, “we’ve actually streamlined a lot of our processes. Now we’ve streamlined it to where we have less than half the staff that we used to have, and we’re still able to function at a high level.

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