Case Study

Alvin Pest Control

As a second-generation family-owned pest control operation, Alvin Pest Control was looking for a software that would help them build on their solid foundation. How could they optimize processes without losing the personalized feel they’d worked so hard to achieve? See how they made it happen – and more – with PestPac by WorkWave.

Founded: 1975

Services Provided

Pest, rodent and wildlife control, termite protection

Areas Served

Alvin, TX and surrounding areas

WorkWave Solutions

PestPac, WorkWave Payments

The Problem

As the pest control landscape continues to evolve, many companies — including Alvin Pest Control, a second-generation family-owned operation out of Alvin, TX — have been faced with the daunting prospect of leaving pencils, paperwork, and spiral binders behind in favor of digital solutions.

The transition to a paperless office can seem harrowing, but with the right technology partner, it can be smoother than expected. In fact, the right technology can empower pest control operators to not only service customers more efficiently but also provide them with a more personalized experience.

For Alvin Pest Control, this was exactly the challenge — how to implement new technology and streamline processes without compromising the personal touch they’d spent two generations cultivating.

The answer, of course, was PestPac by WorkWave.

The technicians love the mobile app; it’s just made their job so much easier. It has streamlined everything, and it’s really helped our business go paperless.

The Solution

For Alvin Pest Control President Betty Thornton, productivity in the field was high on the list of priorities. For pest control technicians, this means more time spent servicing customers and less spent driving, restocking or waiting for other people to do their part.

Ensuring techs remain productive relies on empowering them to be prepared for the day ahead, and for Alvin Pest Control providing their technicians with PestPac Mobile was a key step.

“The technicians love the mobile app; it’s just made their job so much easier,” says Thornton. “It has streamlined everything, and it’s really helped our business go paperless. I’d say we’re probably about 90 to 95% paperless now.”

They’re probably shaving easily 20% off of each job.

Having already taken steps to go paperless in the field, Alvin was able to use PestPac to not only enable office staff to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic but also limit the impact on their technicians.

“I think one of the biggest helps with PestPac was we could actually have our technicians not come into the office in the morning; they could do everything from their service vehicles. Our technicians were able to do their job because they didn’t need that paperwork.”

Since the pandemic, this shift away from paperwork has led to increased productivity and better customer service. “They’re probably shaving easily 20% off of each job, if not better, just by having access to everything on their phone and not having to carry these clunky clipboards and paper around with them anymore.”

By adding Forms into the mix, Alvin’s outside sales teams are also seeing benefits. ”For our outside salesman to be able to prepare documents and have those signed right in the field rather than having to send stuff back to the office is very beneficial.”

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