New Feature Combines Route Planning and GPS Creating a Powerful User Experience

Holmdel, N.J. (May 30, 2017) – WorkWave® (, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for the field service and “last mile” delivery industries, today announced that it has added Live ETAs to its route planning software, which will update businesses on driver’s estimated arrival time and efficiently plan on-demand requests based on real-time GPS locations.

This new feature combines WorkWave’s proprietary routing algorithm with real-time telematics data in a way that allows Route Manager users to provide their consumers with real-time updates so they can stay better informed along the delivery journey. It also allows for Route Manager users to easily facilitate on-demand requests by assigning the best available driver based on their exact location and workload at the time of those requests.

“Live ETA is a great example of how we continue to leverage each element of the WorkWave platform to create innovative solutions for our users and demonstrates the power of our solution suite,” said Chris Sullens, president and CEO, WorkWave. “Solutions like Live ETA allow our users to increase efficiency and visibility into their fleet performance while also delivering a 5-star customer experience.”

Demand for accurate estimated time of arrival information has increased dramatically as time-pressed consumers look for every opportunity to optimize their daily schedules. With Live ETAs, businesses can enable trigger notifications, provide accurate updates, and plan for on-demand requests, eliminating the element of surprise after drivers are dispatched. The data generated by such frequent updates from the field allow Route Manager users to make more proactive decisions, leading to better business outcomes.

“With Live ETAs, we have closed a missing link between GPS tracking and route planning and removed the blind spot between what happens as drivers check-in and out of orders throughout the day,” said Riccardo Bocci, product manager, WorkWave Fleet Solutions. “WorkWave’s Live ETAs give much more assurance that the data businesses are looking at is realistic and takes into consideration the unexpected things that happen when people drive between point A and point B. Businesses can close the loop with the ability to measure and compare the plan vs. actual.”

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