In any manual service industry, being efficient is vital. You need to have the tools for success if you intend for your window cleaning business to be profitable. 

Here at WorkWave, we know precisely what cleaning service professionals need because we have been working extensively with them. We want to take the difficulty out of entering this industry as a new cleaning business by helping you learn what window cleaner tools you will need. 

First, we will tackle the basics and then the more high-end professional equipment for when you scale up your business to become more profitable.

Many local hardware shops offer essential cleaning supplies or starter kits for window cleaning professionals to begin their entry into the trade. Pricing can vary but depending on what the supplier includes the overall entry cost is low in comparison to other cleaning professions. 

We’ll also go over commercial window cleaning equipment for when you think it’s time to leap into a more significant client pool with a larger window count. 

1. Squeegees

Photo by Cyclyst is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Sure, you could use simple towels to clean your windows, but that’s not time efficient and could leave streaks—hands down, the best window washing tool for getting a streakless finish that makes the glass near invisible is a squeegee. 

A squeegee consists of three parts: 

  •  A grip or base that you use to guide the squeegee.
  • The disposable rubber known as the squeegee blade glides across the glass to remove the soap. 
  • The channel that holds the removable squeegee rubber in place. 

More seasoned professionals may prefer a classic brass squeegee weight, which can have the added benefit of applying pressure to the window to avoid slipping and provide a firm clean stroke. 

Nowadays, however, there are lighter plastics that can do the same job, faster and cheaper, and make the change out of rounded rubbers easier and more efficient. Ultimately the preference comes down to the person doing the job so we recommend testing both to see what works best. 

You can even find ones with attachments such as a microfiber head.

2. Duster & Extension Pole

Extension poles are necessary window-washing equipment if you’re going to be working on tall windows. Having one or more will also cut down on the time it takes to set up a ladder, which means a quicker job, which means more appointments completed in a day overall. 

Many will come with added attachments, including a removable squeegee or duster that you can also use for your smaller home jobs detached from the pole. The duster helps remove the more fine particles on a window.

3. T-Bars w/ Sleeves

The T-bar is what you’ll use to coat the window in your soap before squeegeeing over the surface. 

The sleeve you’ll need varies depending on the work you’re doing but a microfiber sleeve is a go-to as it can be very absorbent. Sizes can vary and go up to as high as 24″. They can also be machine-washed for reuse. 

4. A Scraper

Photo by KyleLanser is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

You may be working with windows only too high to maintain properly. They tend to accumulate dirt, pollen, and grime build-up. A good scraper can get rid of any gunk on the windows quickly so you can begin the process of making it crystal clear. 

We advise purchasing a good lightweight scraper that comes with a detachable blade option. A scraper, like the windows it clears, can build up with the gunk and grime and become dull. They will need to be replaced over time to continue to work efficiently. 

5. Solution and Buckets

Photo by Chicago Man is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

You would think you needed some industrial-level cleaner to get that clean transparency, wouldn’t you? Not really. Most professionals swear by keeping simple dish soap on their trucks. Shop in bulk at big box stores to save on cost. 

For a bucket, you also don’t need anything too fancy. Most hardware retailers carry buckets by the dozen. Look for ones with handles you can carry around your job site and dump easily for refilling with your soap.

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6. Towels

We recommend microfiber towels for the same reason that we recommend microfiber sleeves. They are highly absorbent and are effective at removing particles on the windows and soap slashes from your squeegee. 

A few ordinary shower towels are good to keep on hand if you want to cover your work area and not leave a mess in the clients’ office or home. Plus, using them to clean the area before you leave says a lot about your professionalism and could help gain a repeat client. 

Towels can also be used to clean your squeegee when wiping down. But be mindful to get lint-free rags to avoid any particles sticking to the glass surface and delaying you from finishing the job.

7. A Belt with a Squeegee Holster

The benefit of a belt is, that while up high, you can bring your window cleaning tools with you rather than having to lug them back and forth to your truck. 

You’ll notice we’ve used the image of a traditional tool belt, that’s because your belt doesn’t necessarily need to be window washer-specific. As long as it can caddy your tools, it should do the job, although we do recommend padded belts for ergonomic reasons.

You can also purchase a squeegee holster for easy access that would make an otherwise awkward tool easy to carry at the hip. Depending on the type some can even be used as mini buckets and rubber strip cleaners.

8. Ladders

Photo by udo geisler is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

For those jobs where an extended pole just can’t get in the way you want to give the window that professional quality, you’re going to need a reliable ladder. This will probably be your most expensive pro window cleaning supplies, but it will be worth it for reliable safety and efficiency. You’ll want something versatile and lightweight.

Nowadays, there are many flexible types of ladders that can bend at different angles and lock in place. This allows for more accessibility to windows at high-level or awkward positions.

9. Window Cleaning Software

We’ve gone over some of the basic window cleaning kit supplies here, now we’ll go over the more professional window glass cleaning supplies. First off, software that can take your business to the next level. 

Good software will help you communicate with your customers regarding future job bids, track invoices and open accounts awaiting payment, and automate the back-end processes. 

At WorkWave, we understand the need, which is why we have versatile window cleaning software.

With our WorkWave billing software, integrated with Quickbooks, you can effectively estimate each job’s cost, bill the customer accordingly, and even process credit card payments right there on the job. 

The WorkWave scheduling application takes the work out of keeping your timetable in order. That way you can focus less on running your finger across a calendar and more time on completing jobs. 

Third, the management software we provide is another professional window-cleaning tool that will be a lifesaver if you scale up and add employees to the roster. This way you can manage employees from any area who may be working at multiple locations all at once. 

10. A Water Purifier system

If you’ve been at this game a while now, it’s time to upgrade to the big leagues. You may want to invest in a water-fed pole and water purifier system. 

Similar to your regular extension pole, this professional window cleaning supply is long and comes with a head that dispenses decontaminated water. The water will be rid of any chemicals, metals, or other particles so that it dries as clear as it was applied without the need to squeegee. 

With a water-fed setup, you won’t need a ladder and can get the same job done in half the time. The best part is if you decide you want to pursue one in the beginning if you have the funds, you can. But keep in mind most pros will advise you to walk before you run. It may be in your best interest to get familiar with the basics and then step up to the more high-tech professional window cleaning supplies. 

As for the water purification system, there are two types

Deionizing: Resin is used to charge the particles in the water and eliminate any metallurgic properties. 

Reverse Osmosis and Deionization: This is mandatory if you work in an area high in minerals like calcium and magnesium. It works in 3 parts running the water first through the reverse osmosis filtration, then carbon, and finally, the deionizing to strip away anything that will be harsh on a window surface to leave crystal clear water. 

11. You

Photo by avlxyz is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

An excellent squeegee and a few good microfiber towels, or even a filtration system, are only second to the most crucial window cleaning supplies are you and your attitude. Dress to impress, be polite, and respect the client’s property. 

The customer isn’t just paying for the window service, they’re also paying for the A+ customer service you bring to the table.  

We are here to provide the information and software you need to do that, but the attitude you bring to the table is up to you.

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