Keeping pests out of homes and businesses is a practice that’s practically as old as time itself, but any pest control operator (PCO) can attest that there’s a lot more to pest control than just killing bugs and other pests. From prevention to remediation, today’s pest control companies are always finding more sophisticated ways to do business and, just as importantly, finding ways to carry out their business more efficiently by integrating the latest technology into their processes to help them grow their business, service their customers and maximize their money.

Power In Your Pocket

Just like your customers are living in an increasingly digital world, so are your employees. Smartphones are as important in streamlining your workday as they are in marketing to your customers, with the majority of respondents in a recent poll of pest professionals listing smartphones among the top three most important pieces of technology when it comes to their team’s efficiency. Route management and optimization — which most technicians access from their smartphones — wasn’t far behind.

Technology has become an essential part of everyday operations, with software that helps PCOs save time, effort, and resources becoming an integral part of operations for many pest control companies. Tech has also become crucial in providing the flexibility that keeps customers satisfied and helping to secure recurring revenue. Many PCOs consider flexible scheduling windows, a variety of payment options, and online customer portals to be important in satisfying customers — all of which rely on new technology.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Physical technology is also making the job easier for technicians. Many PCOs have been spending more on everything from training to vehicles, and that includes increasing spend on tools and technology like sprayers and foamers that allow technicians to apply chemicals more efficiently.

Smart traps that alert technicians to potential pest activity via Bluetooth are also becoming more prevalent, particularly in commercial spaces where eliminating the need to map, locate, and check individual traps during every visit can take technicians hours or even days to complete. Using smarter technology not only saves technicians time but also shows customers that your pest control business is focused on innovation and working to provide service as efficiently as possible.

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