One of the biggest pain points we hear is the inability to get new customers in the door. You’re looking to generate more business – we get it. But you already have a captive audience who knows and trusts you, so use that to your advantage.

Whether you offer two or twenty-two different kinds of pest control services, you shouldn’t stop at selling just one. If you’re performing a residential pest control service, they will most likely need additional services.

Teaching your technicians how to cross-sell services is easy if you follow these three steps:

Step 1: Look for the Obvious

Teach your technicians to look for the obvious when performing routine residential pest services. Having them go the extra mile when servicing customers will not only help you generate more revenue but enhance the level of trust your customers already have for your business and technicians.

Being that spring is here and summer is right around the corner, the majority of homeowners are dealing with ants in and around their houses. While your technicians are spraying the exterior of their home, have them take a look around. Do they notice standing water in the yard? Piles of wood too close to the house? An entrance into the house created by a critter looking for shelter, warmth, or food?

Most often, homeowners aren’t looking into every nook and cranny of their home for potential insects and wildlife – it’s your technicians’ job (as the experts) to make potential infestations known.

Step 2: Become a Salesperson

While not everyone is cut out to be a full-time salesperson, educating your technicians on how to cross-sell your services will not only benefit you, but them as well. When they educate the customer on the insects, rodents, or wildlife in and around their home, as well as the problems they could cause is both eye-opening and educational for the customer.

Letting them know what’s at risk, the damage they could cause and that you have a solution to alleviate their problem is all they need to trust your technicians and business. You can also allow your technicians to offer a discount if the customer signs up right then and there for an additional service.

Step 3: Make it Worth Their While

In order to make it worth their while, give your technicians a piece of the pie! Paying your technicians’ commission whenever they sell an additional service can go a long way. You can also track top performers and post the results in your breakroom. Everyone likes winning, no one likes coming in last. Make it a weekly or monthly competition to see who can cross-sell the most services and reward them with an additional perk.

Be sure to get a game plan in place and educate your technicians before the busy season is in full swing! Also, make sure you’re utilizing the features and functionality in your pest control software to send targeted emails or snail mail to customers that haven’t signed up for specific services!


Brett is a Content Specialist at WorkWave with over a decade of professional writing experience. When he's not glued to his keyboard, he enjoys playing music, reading, playing video games, and just about anything that takes him outdoors.