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In the age of the cloud more and more pest control businesses are moving towards a paperless sales process. Going paperless is beneficial to your business and can greatly streamline your operations while increasing customer satisfaction and revenue.

  • Save Time

The client proposal process has never been easier! Save time on proposal creation with customized templates that are pre-set with company info and client details. Proposals can be sent and signed electronically, eliminating the need to send a tech out in the field to capture signatures. If signing the document in person is necessary, the process is streamlined by using mobile pest control software on a tablet.

  • Improve Close Rate and Renewals

Tired of losing prospects before you have a chance to close the deal? Electronic proposals and the ability to capture e-signatures can greatly improve your close rate. Proposals can be delivered and signed while prospective clients are still on phone with your team. Shortening the sales cycle eliminates the period where prospects are waiting for proposals, allowing for less time to explore your competitors!

In addition to helping you gain new clients, electronic proposals and e-signatures can improve customer renewal rates as well. Studies have shown that companies that utilize e-signatures were 50% more likely to improve their customer renewal rates.

  • More Organization

Agreements are uploaded directly to the appropriate customer account, eliminating the need to manually organize files. When e-signatures are captured you will immediately receive updates, allowing your team to quickly and efficiently schedule service calls.

  • Environmentally Friendly

In the pest control industry there’s a renewed focus on using environmentally safe, “green” insecticides. This eco-friendly mindset should translate to your office as well. In the US alone, offices use 15 million sheets of paper every five minutes. Going paperless will help reduce paper demand and save ink, which often contains chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

We all know that a happy customer is a returning customer. Electronic proposals make things easier for clients. They are no longer required to be home to sign for a tech, they can simply e-sign an agreement from anywhere at any time.

In addition, adopting this modern process has a direct impact on your brand reputation, making your company look innovative and forward thinking. No one wants to look like they’re stuck in the past, it’s time to bring your company into the future!

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Rick Agajanian serves as WorkWave’s Vice President of Product Management.