Even the most straightforward pest control business model has many moving parts. From marketing to finding customers, to scheduling service visits, to dispatching technicians, to providing service, to collecting payments, there are a lot of steps that need to happen between taking a call and leaving a customer satisfied. While all of those steps may sound like a lot, it doesn’t mean that your operations can’t be smooth and efficient.

The key to success when it comes to streamlining your pest control operations is ensuring that you’re properly equipped to handle whatever comes your way. Having the right tool for the job is always crucial, and that stands true when it comes to running your pest control business.

Why Choosing the Right Software Matters

When it comes to your pest control business, the software you choose should bring every aspect of your business together seamlessly to drive success. Whether it’s in the back office or the field, the right software ensures that the moving parts of your business can work together as efficiently as possible.

If you’re using separate software for each facet of your operations—for instance using one program to schedule service appointments, another for managing customer relations, and yet another for invoicing—then you’re wasting precious time toggling between them and manually pulling data from one or another when you need it. What’s more, you’re also wasting money by paying for multiple programs.

Seeking out one end-to-end software solution is critical because it provides you with exactly that: a solution. The right field service management solution can help modern pest control businesses in a number of ways.

Grow Your Business

Whether you’re running a small-to-midsize business or a larger enterprise pest control company, growth is always on your mind as a business owner. Even if you’re not actively looking to expand into new markets or increase your company’s footprint, acquiring new customers is a constant need for modern businesses.

With an end-to-end software solution, you gain the tools you need to make the right decisions to grow your business. Whatever your goals are, using one true end-to-end software provides you with comprehensive insight into your business’s strengths and where you have room for improvement.

This provides you with the opportunity to meet or exceed your goals, whether that means quantifying technician performance, determining which new services you should be offering, or increasing your revenue. With an end-to-end software solution, you can master your sales process to market to new customers, retain current customers, and convert one-time customers  into recurring ones. By centralizing your operations with a single software solution, you gain insight into how the different components of your business work together so that you can make smarter business decisions that move you toward your goals.

Service Your Customers

A lot goes on behind the scenes, but your technicians in the field servicing your customers are the foundation of your business. When choosing a software solution, it’s important to ensure that it enables you to provide outstanding service on the first service call, as well as every visit after that.

Of course, keeping your customers satisfied is a two-sided coin. On the one hand, you need to ensure that your staff has the tools they need to provide exceptional service; this includes office staff scheduling visits as well as technicians providing service. On the other hand, you need to provide customers with what they need for a smooth experience when scheduling service, providing payment, and leaving customer reviews. Whether you’re providing residential service, commercial service, or both, your customers expect to be able to schedule service without the need for excessive legwork on their end.

Maximize Your Money

Your pest control business is exactly that: a business. As such, revenue is a key driver in the way you conduct business and the choices that you make. For modern pest control companies, choosing a software that enables payment collection in the field and pay-by-text options can have a huge impact when it comes to minimizing delinquent accounts and significantly shortening the order-to-cash cycle.

By choosing an integrated payment solution that allows you to accept convenient and contactless payment types, you not only make it easier for customers to make payments at the time of service or online but also boost your cash flow almost immediately. By eliminating the risk of alienating potential customers by not accepting their preferred payment method, pest control operators can also ensure that they find and collect on all potential sources of new revenue.

Finding a Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

Taking advantage of software solutions can help you to hone in on your goals, and that’s doubly true when you’re able to secure a full range of functionality all in one place. Because all the components of your pest control business directly impact one another, choosing a single solution to manage your business allows you to gain deeper insight and make decisions that drive your business in the right direction.

This approach is what drives PestPac by WorkWave to provide a comprehensive range of features that factors into every step of the business life cycle. With over 40 years of experience in the pest control industry, PestPac is able to provide the functionality pest control operators need. It’s this commitment to helping pest control companies thrive in a competitive landscape that makes PestPac the industry-leading, end-to-end pest control software. See firsthand how PestPac provides everything you need to grow your business, service your customers, and maximize your money all in one place.


Paula joined the Marketing team at WorkWave in April 2019. She is currently the Director Product Marketing - Pest, managing all aspects of the product marketing life cycle including campaign development, messaging, promotions, and market research for PestPac, Coalmarch and WorkWave Marketing products. She is dedicated to working closely with the Product, Sales, and other Marketing team members to ensure go-to-market plans and product adoption.