For more than 20 years, Cowleys Pest Services, a family-owned and operated pest control business, has served residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout New Jersey. Since starting the company, owners Drew and Bill Cowley have grown their business to have more than 20 full-time employees, servicing more than 5,000 customers!

Growth like this is excellent but comes with high demands, such as planning each month’s routes. When Cowleys learned about RouteOp they knew it was worth a try and immediately saw results. Technicians found that they were no longer going into overtime or working extra days. They could fit more jobs into their standard workday while still providing great service. The time it took to handle the logistics of route planning was cut significantly from a few weeks to just one day. The team replaced traditional maps and print outs with a completely automated process with PestPac’s multi-day planner.

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Driving down costs with effective time management is essential when operating a growing, successful business! Read our case study on Cowleys Pest Services and learn how PestPac RouteOp has enabled them to increase productivity and provide exceptional service!


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